Hughes Syndrome Foundation charity annual Patients' Day YouTube recording available now

Our annual Patients' Day was a roaring success this year, with 83% of the attendees rating it as 'excellent' (and we didn't pay them to say that, honest!).

However, we know that lots of you can't make it due to work/family/health/geographic commitments, so are pleased to let you know that you can now listen to a free You Tube recording of the speakers along with the slides of their presentations. Hope you find it useful:

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  • Great, I just took my post off! So as not to duplicate. MaryF

  • That's great :-D x

  • i dont suppose anything can be done with the sound as its almost impossible to hear in places. Has the technical person done his best with it? :-(

  • Fortunately, someone has come to our rescue on YouTube and has rendered it, improved the sound AND turned them into chapters - all FREE of charge. The only downside is that I now have to have a crash course in YouTube channels and playlists but, once I've Dropboxed and Unzipoed the files, I'm hoping it won't be too onerous. I will relaunch the new improved version once I've found time to go through it.

  • Good, thanks. MaryF

  • Thank you to David Schutt who has re-mastered the Patients' Day recording into individual talks and 'chapters' with better sound quality so it is easier to listen to and navigate. All for free - what a hero! And he said he'll do it next year too :)

  • Found it on YouTube last week, but not today!

  • Panda - just copy the link above into your URL and you will go there automatically. You can also search for 'hughes syndrome foundation' in the YouTube search bar and it is the first one on the list :)

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