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I would be interested to know if anyone with APS / APLS antiphospholipid syndrome, or Hughes syndrome, and other disorders ( rhinitis, asthma, Factor V Leiden, hypogonadism, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, psoriasis, obstructive sleep apnoea, etc) who feels permamently tired and 'at the end of the road' has managed to get medical retirement recently (either not fit to teach or not fit to work). I just feel like I can't go on anymore. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • I did without any problems in 2002 (although it took a year or so) but they may have tightened up since then. Have you spoken to your union?

  • No, i will do that soon. Thanks.

  • Good advice to speak to your union, also APsnotFAB may also have other advice being up to date on work related issues more than myself. MaryF

  • Thanks for that Mary.

  • Having just left a job within the education sector I am aware they have seriously cracked down on this. Are you in a school or FE? Have you been working witht the Occupational Health team?

  • I have been working with OH but we have not yet explored the possibility of medical retirement. I work in HE and I am in the TPS ( not USS ).

  • Ah I see. I worked at a GFE (not teaching staff) but aware that across the board these are few and far between. At least OH should be able to support your case. Very good luck.

  • Thanks for that. I know it will not be easy!

  • I was in HE and took early retirement in 2002, but as others say on here, criteria may have changed. My GP was very helpful, I started with him as I felt that if he wasn't supportive the TPA would dismiss the claim very quickly Good luck with your claim and hope you are successful.

  • I agree I need to get the full support of my GP. I have just started to discuss this possibility with my barious doctors.

  • No unfortunately. I tried for over two years and despite having been in the scheme 38 years I was refused. The reason being that the Atos doctors used by the pension scheme decided that on a balance of probability I could get better. Also I had not tried all of the available medication such as methotrexate. I was so stressed by it all I took early retirement and lost a considerable amount from my pension. Although still bitter and my health not being better I have less stress and can focus on looking after myself. I should have added that my consultant supported ill health retirement (st Thomas lupus unit)

  • Thanks for that. I am sorry to hear how stressful your experience has been. Gosh they use that discredited ATOS lot! I too am considering an actuarially reduced pension at 55 ( one year to go ). However, that year seems a long way off and I agree with you that after many years in the scheme ( 34 years in my case ) it will hurt to take such a reduction. It just seems to me that I may not make it

  • I am sorry that you feel you are at the end of the road. Please see if you can have some reasonable adjustments to your current job which may be enough to help you make the final year before you can take actuarial reduced retirement . Your trade union side may be able to advise you ?

  • Thanks for your empathetic reply. I used to be a BS for Natfhe / UCU, and on the NEC of the same. However, it is always more difficult remaining objective if you negotiate for yourself! So, if I have problems I will seek independent TU advice. Thanks again.

  • My background was in group pension schemes and I would say try for ill health early retirement but if it the scheme does not accept your request there is another way forward and you may be better off for it. Find an independent financial advisor and ask them to approach some annuity providers for you with a view to transferring your benefits out of the scheme into a personal pension plan and then retiring immediately. If you are in poor health it is likely that you will qualify for enhanced annuity rates giving you a higher pension. The advisor will typically charge about £500 if you accept their advice and the transfer goes ahead. If you don't go ahead you pay nothing. You can pay this from your tax free lump sum on retirement (1/4 of the transfer value). Don't give up!

  • Thanks for that. I will investigate further.

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