Rubbish day today

It annoys me immensly how unknowing the medical staff are regarding APS been to the rheumatologist today giving them a list of all my symptoms not only have they ignored the fact that I'm in severe pain and haven't given me a thing to help me be more comfortable they ordered an xray of the only two parts of my body not in any pain!! I've had no explanation as to why my ankle has swollen to the size of my thigh and nothing to relieve that either, even though my concern is this could be a side effect of the warfarin not a thing has been done to find out whether this is the case or not, the only one advantage I have is I've been referred to a different hospital by my gp in the meantime I just have to suffer til I attend that appointment :(

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  • man do I know the feeling. I am fed up with the doctors I have seen and have stopped seeing them. I was given some names of doctors in my area that do know something about aps. thanks to all from this website who responded and told me their names. believe it or not I just made an appointment today to see a new doctor about my aps. if only they could feel our pain

  • Sorry to hear this.

    Where are you from and which hospital did you go to?


  • I hope your next appointment helps you sort your current and long term situation out. Please let us know how you get on. MaryF

  • I really hope it gets sorted as well I've adapted pretty well to having aps I just done some research and retrained myself just a shame the doctors in charge of my health don't do the same, and Menofmandip I'm from near Newcastle and went to the QE Hospital Gateshead, I've been referred by my GP to the RVI Hospital in Newcastle which is both an NHS and private care hospital so I'm really hoping my care is a lot better through the new hospital

  • Thanks Bevjane.

    As my colleague Mary says, good luck and let us know how you get on.


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