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AGAIN, via Hughes Syndrome Foundation/prescription charge rises in the UK - petition below

Prescription charges go up tomorrow and patients will pay a heavy price. 12,000 people have signed our petition to end unfair prescription charges, please add your voice here if you haven't already. Thank you

Prescription charges petition

Join the campaign to call for an end to unfair and out-dated prescription charges for people with long term conditions.


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Hi I wrote to my mp on this issue and received a reply via him from Earl Howe (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Quality (Lords)) which basically says the list of conditions has been reviewed serval times and no case for changing the list had been seen, and they have no plans for further reviews (tough). People on low incomes don't pay and others can use the pre payment certificate, so why change.

He took 2 pages to say the above and he hopes the reply is 'useful'

I will continue to campaign and hopefully the next government will listen.

Jan Baddeley


Thank you for taking the trouble to do that. MaryF


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