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More questions about blood tests - sorry :)

Can you tell me what a weak positive for ANA means? Could this mean lupus is involved here?

I now have lupus anticoagulant showing as well as the glycoprotein antibody - I know LA is nothing to do with lupus - but have been told that people with LA find it difficult to maintain a stable INR.

I'd appreciate your thoughts.


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From what I understand a positive ANA suggests that you may have one or more of the autoimmune disorders but apparently healthy people can on occasions have a positive ANA so in itself it doesn't prove anything but is one part of the jigsaw.



I often wondered about pitfalls in diagnosing autoimmune conditions.


Hi Stillwaiting,

A low positive ANA actually occurs in up to 20% of healthy women and is not infrequently found in patients with primary APS, ie APS not associated with another autoimmune disease. If you don't have any other positive antibodies (which should have been done reflexively due to your positive ANA), you most likely have primary APS.



I have all the antibodies for APS positive in high levels and has had that for 12 years. I have also Lupus Anticoagulant (one of those antibodies). I am on warfarin since 3 years and selftest. Yes it is difficult to have a stable INR with LA. Therefore I selftest but difficult even though.

Take care

Kerstin in Stockholm


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