ive just had another spell in hospital because i had back pain so they did a d=dimer. It was high so i was wisked into hospital in case it was a clot. CT scan showed it wasnt yet again. I tried to tell them my d=dimer is always high since my first PE in 2011. What i wanted to ask was a) does anyone else have this problem and b) has anybody any idea why the d=dimer would be high when there is not a clot present. Thanks

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  • Hi there, clot or no clot, so pleased you are being so thoroughly checked, However, an elevated D-dimer does not always indicate the presence of a clot because a number of other factors can cause an increased level, even inflammation, I suggest you ask them, and I guess they will probably repeat it. MaryF x

  • I am guessing it could be anywhere, or indicate hidden infection. I am sure others have had similar results and will answer with more detail, I personally can't, it is years since I had one! MaryF x

  • I was also admitted into hospital with what was thought to be a DVT in November - the D Dimer showed positive, one calf swollen and bigger than the other. Come the scan the next day - nothing shows. Consultant let me go saying there were no issues.

  • I have also had this since 2000 when I had a PE.. dont know why and even though they haven't found other evidence, they still treat as there is one??

  • Speaking of D dimer, have you all had protein C, S, Anti-thrombin III levels, Factor V Leyden level, DRVVT, Factor LLL Prothrombin Gene Mutation?

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