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Hughes and UTIs

Is there a connection? I had all the symptoms of one before Christmas( thought it was the first time but now realise had had them before but just thought it was due to the viral symptoms I get sometimes) so got antibiotics and it came back so had another lot and it has come back again today. Going to speak to my GP later and will take it from there. Luckily I have a good GP.

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I have had this very same problem for years to the point of making me very unwell. I have been taking a supplement which has greatly helped, which I did also check with my GP and hospital before taking. Cranberry was doing nothing for me, and of course is a no no for those on Warfarin.

However D Mannose has helped me immensely. I notice it has a mention on literature out of St Thomas' Hospital. However as with everything don't embark without input of your consultant/ and or GP. When I last checked there did not seem to be any problems with using this alongside anti coagulation, however if I was on this, rather than just twice daily Aspirin I would be double checking with all involved in my care. So far I have cut down my repeat infections by over three quarters, I was getting one every three weeks! guysandstthomas.nhs.uk/reso...

MaryF x


Mary I use D Mannose and couldn't be without it, Not only have I got APS I also have a total bladder prolapse, so don't empty my bladder completely (Not possible) so this made UTI's a real problem, plus anti-biotic allergy and interactions with Warfarin, I have personally found D Mannose the answer I take it daily as a preventative 1-2 doses, and then when I feel I have an infection coming I do the suggested dose, As you say though EVERYONE should check first with those treating their APS and other issues first. x


Yes I dose in a fairly similar manner, also checked with the GP who manages my LDN, and I did also check with St T's. MaryF x


I am so glad it has helped you, I can't be without it, I know some brands are better than others, I won't state any here obviously, I will PM you about which one I Use, and see if it is the same as yours. x


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