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No DVT but clots in urine

I went to get a scan per my doctor's recommendation, and thankfully it was negative. I have developed a new problem though, with clots in my urine. I had been seeing them for awhile, but somehow dismissed them as possible kidney stones. My doctor insisted on a urinalysis and she is the one who noticed that they were actually clots. The sample is being sent to pathology for further study, but I was wondering if anyone else experienced something like this? I suppose if we could figure out where the clots are forming we would have a better plan of action. I know we can clot anywhere, but this seems so odd.

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Hi there, please keep us in the loop, I am glad to hear your GP is being detailed with all this! Mary F x


Hi Momtomany: So sorry to hear you have been having trouble with what you think is clots in your urine. You should never wait when you see a substantial change like that. It is always worth a phone call. One morning I woke up to find a streak of bright red blood in my urine. I immediately called my GP who sent me straight to an urologist who had me tested immediately and I tested positive for bladder cancer by noon that day. I had a rough time with it. Even though it was relatively low grade it returned 8 times within 90 days each time. Finally, I fired that urologist and the new one performed his operation and after one year I am still "cancer-free". I have learned that is a most ambiguous term. I will always need to check it. My cancer was a direct result of the chemo agent cytoxan. Just my draw of the cards, I guess. They did tell me there was a very slight chance of bladder cancer being a side effect of the agent, but (there's always a but) they still felt it would kill my CNS vasculitis, and it did put it (get this) in a state of quiescence (hibernation, sleep-state, suspended animation) So it's waiting in my system to come alive with just the right stimulant. They admitted they couldn't exactly kill it.

I know how much you have already been through but AS A RULE, you really shouldn't wait if you even think there could be a chance of a clot. It's just a phone call to your GP. Let them decide. At least it should be noted in your medical file so your GP can take it into consideration on your next visit. He may find that cause to move up your visit. He may send you directly to the emergency room to make certain you are stable. It may turn out to be a simple cyst, but it could be many things. Step carefully, and best of luck to you. Sounds like your GP is pretty much doing the same as mine did. I do hope your results are much less serious.

Warm wishes,



Yes always good to check change like this. Mary F x


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