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Anyone with APS and PA1-gene mutation?

Hi guys I was recently diagnosed with having a gene mutation PA1 -4/5g (homogeneous). This is also a sticky blood condition where they body doesn't dissolve tiny clots- and the only I have found out is by being tested for recurrent miscarriages. Have known about the APS for over a year now. I don't really know that much about it to be honest and was wondering if anyone on here also has it and share their knowledge with me- also i had some questions. (What the difference between 4/4g and 4/5g and also difference in homogeneous and hetro....( sorry can't spell it.)

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Hello, I was diagnosed with APS (Hughes Syndrome) approx. 17 yrs ago after suffering four miscarriages although I had given birth to my daughter 3 yrs previously unknown to me at the time that I had APS then, but I was lucky to carry her to 34 weeks, but looking back the pregnancy did have the tale tale signs of APS and I was quite poorly right through the pregnancy especially towards the last timemaster. The blood clots you mention caused me the miscarry as the baby was not getting enough blood supply through the placenta, causing the fetus to die between 9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. I went on the have a healthy baby boy and I was given asprin and heprin injections and this pregnancy did not go without its difficulties either, but again he was born 7 weeks premature weighing in at 4lb 5oz but he was fine but a bit weak after a difficult birth. If you get pregnant please insist on asprin and heprin if you feel that the asprin also does not do the job and get regular scans (weekly) which I had right through the pregnancy which kept me and my baby safe and reassuring that all was well. I had to go to Liverpool Women's Clinic, they were brilliant and very, very caring, I can't praise them enough. My son was born at my local hospital and again the care and attention I had right through the labour was second to none as it was not an easy birth, the midwives were there with me and my husband right through the labour and did not leave at all in case something went wrong, they were brilliant and nothing was too much for them to do. I can't answer you with the other questions as I have not heard of them before - try to google them to see what they are, if they are related to APS or Lupus which is again from the safe family as sticky blood condition. I hope you get you're answers and good luck with any future pregnancies.

Take care.


Oh dear, its not nice having just the APS, but like many on here its added stress when you have extra disorders!

I wish I could help more with this, but I just wanted to give you my well wishes in finding out more & hope your ok, take care, Sue x


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