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Inflamed eye muscles

Anyone had this or know if it is connected to Hughes? I had a vitreous detachment 7 weeks ago which has left me with horrible floaters but the last few days my eye has been so sore it has given me a couple of vicious headaches so my optician told me to go to the emergency eye clinic. Four hours later I was told the eye muscles are inflamed and to start ibuprofen. I know this is not a good idea with warfarin but I've taken it before and paracetamol hasn't made any difference. Going to see my GP on Tuesday to see what take he has on it.

Good old Hughes! Came home and spent the afternoon in bed and still feel like I've been hit by a bus.

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I'm waiting for an ophthalmic appointment too.

Every morning I wake up I have pains around the top of my left eye, behind the skull bone. It goes reasonably quickly but it is not good.

Best wishes.



Mine is not so bad in the mornings but gets worse as the day wears on. At its worst it gives me pain around my eye which then turns into a headache like you get from eye strain although my eyesight is corrected by my glasses. I am a passionate reader but am turning more and more to audio books instead.

Like you say it is not good. Hope you get your appointment soon

All the best


I remember before I had any coagulation at all I used to have Auras and also it hurt a bit when I moved my eyes from one side to the other.

My vertigo, auras "dubblewision disappeared with warfarin but I get tired when I read too long. The ophthalmolog this year talk of "Blefarit" inside the eyes. I take eyedrops for dry eyes.They have not found Sjögren. I can not explain in English but I wash the eyelines with a pin morning and evening. With the drops it is better but sometimes I have to use Ficortril (hydrocortisone)

I have also felt it hurts behind the right eye in the head (when I could not see it was always the right eye) for a short time. I think it has to do with Hughes. Anyway it is not much and my eyes are OK.

Best wishes from a cold and windy Stockholm. Kerstin


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