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Even though all the antibody tests are not yet in, I have had a copy of a really helpful letter from the dr I saw at St T's. One of the many things she suggests is that I lower my target INR range from 3-4 as I have no actual evidence of TIA. This makes sense to me as I know at a high range I am at high risk of a head bleed.

She also says that then if my INR went below 3 I could have a heparin dose.

What I want to ask is how much does a one off dose tend to raise the INR? I know we are all different so a precise number is not poss. but I'd like just some idea. I know I have to discuss this more with my 2 consultants and my GP so I want to feel a bit more informed before these chats.

Also presumably I would then be self testing and self injecting??

Thank you for reading this far :)


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Hi Lynn

I think there are two issues here to address.


In my experience I needed to find the INR level that suited me best, in terms of stopping symptoms; dizziness, tingling, foggy brain etc. For me it was around 4.0 and below 3.3 I used to feel very poorly.


Heparin does not affect INR at all, it works in a different way acting on a different part of what's called the clotting cascade. So no specific blood tests are required to check how Heparin is affecting your clotting. The other good thing with Heparin is that it is not affected by what you eat or drink, so it is easier to lead a normal lifestyle. The dose is calculated on body weight and I find it a 'fit and forget' medication, i.e. I give myself a shot on waking and don't worry at all until the time for the next shot.

I hope that this is helpful.

Best wishes.

Dave x


Thanks Dave - I completely forgot that heparin doesn't affect the inr - sorry. This is helpful.

I feel better around INR 4. Below 3 and my speech slurs and all the other stuff is back.



Hi Lynn

If you feel better around 4 then if I were you I would really push to stay at an INR level that makes you feel best.

Dave x


Hi Lynn

I always felt better when Inr was around 3.8, however my range was 2.5 to 3.5, for some reason warfarin and I didn't get on well. Inr was more often too low. Following a stroke in January this year, I've been put on clexane and am much happier and as Dave says I inject in morning and forget. I also feel safer.

Take care gentle hugs Sheena xxxxx :-) :-)


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