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pleurosy, anything I can do to speed up recovery?

I have just got back from A%E, where they told me I have pleurosy

they advised regular paracetamol and ibuprofen and said it would take some time to get better

I told them I am not allowed ibuprofen and they said that was a shame as it would take longer to get well

I told them I have some naprosyn at home which I have previously been advised to only take as a last resort and for a short time

we agreed that I could take that for up to 5 days

my question is, what if anything can I do to speed up my recovery, as I cannot afford to be unwell for any length of time as I have no-one to help out and am also a carer (my teenage son has aspergers)

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Why can't you take naprosyn?


not sure, a long time ago I had inlfamation on one of my lungs ( I get that quite a lot) and I went to the gp who was just about to tell me to take ibuprofen,when she saw in my notes that I cannot take that, so she said she was going to give me some naprosyn, enough for me to have some on hand when I needed,but that although these would not be as bad for me as the ibuprofen,they were still not really advised, but that if I left the lung as it was I would get very poorly, so take them only when absolutely necessary and never for more than five days.


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