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anyone know how 2 convince docs I need b steralised....... I got referred 2 gynae but he laughed thru appointment and said no....... im back on waiting list but dont want repeat of last time.....I was nearly in tears last time begging to be done but he found it funny........I have 2 girls so family complete and at 28 and been intensive care twice. my haemo says yes, bt gynae doesn't agree plz scared of getting pregnant mo I gt implant bt want something more permanent....why don't they understand the stress this puts on relationship

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Hi there, sorry about this.. they have an ethical dilemma here, as it sometimes regretted later on, if people make this choice to early on. I understand where you are coming from, and you do have some unusual circumstances to be taken into account. You need to talk to your GP, and also in the meantime... talk through another option for contraception some people do very well with a specific type of coil: This is what KateH said in answer to a similar question a few days back:


The doctors at St Thomas' recommend the Mirena coil for any APS women who are on warfarin. I've spoken to lots of patients like yourself so please don't be embarrassed :) The one that stands out most was a woman who was an ambulance driver and she had to go off sick every month, because there was no way she could work her shift without having an accident - really embarrassing for her! The coil did give her her freedom back '.

You need somebody on side to help you reach the right decision and also help you if sterilization is the only option. The haemotologist must write a letter to the GP copying the other consultant in.

Hope things pan out ok, let us know. Mary F x


I was advised to be sterilised at 23 after being severely ill during my last pregnancy.

I can understand how you feel. That was 30 + years ago. I had only 1 son and had wished for more but weighing up the cost regarding health, went ahead with it, you have two children who need you.

I think your Doctors should be absolutely ashamed of them selves. Perhaps you need to change consultants which is your right I think. Speak to your Gp again


I recently had my second daughter (total of 7 miscarriages along my journey) and asked to have my tubes tied. There was no argument any my obstetrician saw totally where I was coming from after being with me along the journey. It was a bit more simple for me as I had am elective c-section so was just another 10 mins on the op. I would request a second opinion and get your other Dr to send a letter saying why you want it and why it is the only form of contraception when you can't bear the thought of being pregnant again (same as me).

Good luck. Kate xx


thnx every1


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