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Re my question regarding the site

Well I managed to paste my original question regarding things I would like to see changed to HU.

Well my reply was, basically "we like to hear your feedback if there is anything we can be of help with let us know" Well I did let them know in the question, just shows they took no notice and have no plans to take my idea on board.

Not impressed.

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Hi Jade,

Gosh, that's unfortunate. You took the time! It seems this is how it's going to be, huh. It seems as tho' we've lost a lot of people. I know I don't check daily all the posts as I used to. Well, all the posts were in our in box. We know how it was. This is how it is. Those of us who are still here will stick it out, or not.

I still get confused. And, a lot of that is because my brain just doesn't work with this new system, and this new system is lousy. I'm here because the folks who are still here are great and there are still some good postings. But the site ..... well, it's gone from a 100 to a very, very low number.

Take good care..... Leigha


We are told that the old email notification system will be returning very soon. This means you will be notified of ALL comments if that was how you set up your notifications. You then won't miss anything anyone says! Hopefully that will bring some people back if they haven't switched off their email.

I'm sorry you are so frustrated we have tried really hard to get the message across and I do believe they have listened. The fact is though that they are not going to go back so the best we can do is to try and get the features of the old site that we really liked put on here. That's not going to happen unless lots of people say what they think. So despite the message that you got Jade, rest assured that the blanket reply hides a genuine concern to get it right.

I think we just have to accept that it's not the same and try and do the best that we can hoping that the improvements promised will make a difference. X


I happened to read this post but I do not read them like I did; maybe one or two a week. I liked the way it was :>(


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