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DLA and Hughes

I have been on DLA since I had a stroke in 2011, brain scan showed that I had suffered multiple strokes in the past,

unfortunately I suffer terribly from all the symptoms of APS, today I noticed I have an increased numbness in my right arm and am frightened. I really suffer badly from brain fogs-memory problems and understanding information, I have no support with this...anyway received a new form to fill in, June so I got in touch with a charitable organisation and went on the list for someone to come and fill the form in, luckily I had a copy of the old form. I was horrified he was not interested in my illness even though I said my condition is complex and with all the rest I have with it, he just carried on and scribbled away copying everything, I was nearly in tears. Threw everything in a pile and hurried towards the door, said he had got to go!!!! I was really concerned about the mobility part as some days I cannot walk at all, then sometimes a little better and trying to explain my balance and how I cannot walk in a straight line is a nightmare in itself, any questions of what some things meant he would just shrug and carry on scribbling.

My award runs out in October, so I need to get it done and in.. The form well nobody could read it!!! It was awful cannot believe it. Rang DWP asked for another form, still have not got it, now in real trouble aaahh! ps sorry for the rant, any clues?

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You could as your gp to write a statement about your health problems for you, and include it with the claim form, if they are cooperative. You may be charged for this service though. If you do get this then have it photocopied so you have your own to keep as well.


Hi I have done this.its just the awful form the whole thing I have difficulty writing and wording, the whole thing scares me. Tx


First of all Tracey dont panic! You still have plenty of time. I have done mine now three times so I know what you are going through.

Lets take this in stages.

1. Call the charity that sent this jobs worth and make a complaint, that will at least make you feel better! :-D

2. How long ago did you call the DWP and ask for a duplicate form? What was the reason you gave for asking for a new one? When I have the answers I will advise what to do next.

3. Go to this website:

4. Follow the instruction about signing up and then become a member. Put in this discount code 58294 and you will get the membership for £15.56 for a year. It will give you access to step by step, question by question guides on what to write for your application. You will be able to download them immediately after you have joined. Read them all carefully.

5. When you are ready to start use the guides and your computer. Use a blank sheet on your word processor and just call it DLA. Go through the questions typing them out and save them as you go. Perhaps do a couple of questions in the morning, then have a break and then a couple in the afternoon. Use your old application as a guide and add or change what you wrote last time, adding any new symptoms. Use the four point rule. Remember it does not matter how much you write.

6. When you have finished leave it for a day or two then go back and read it through until you are happy with it. Then if you can't write it out ask someone you know to COPY it exactly from your typed version onto the forms.

7. In the meantime Im going to send you a template letter that you can give to your GP. Ask him/her to fill it in with details of your illness. If I were you I would print out a blank version to give to the GP but you write an example of what you would like to see your GP put in the spaces. Most GP's want an easy life so providing what you have put correlates with your medical file, all they will do is top and tail it so it makes their life easier. If you can email it to them so much the better as they can then copy and paste it onto their letter headed paper. You could make an appointment to explain this to them too.

8. Also give them the DLA Form to sign along with the letter, it doesnt matter that you have not filled it in. NEVER ask your GP to sign if you dont know what they are going to say, if they are not helpful ask someone else to support you who will write something supportive.

9. Never send in the application without a supporting medical report from (hopefully) your GP or a specialist. It will delay your award and make the DWP go looking for supporting evidence and you are much more likely to need a medical.

Now take a deep breath, you have two months to do this so you will be fine!


I told the DWP that the person was only interested in what I had written before and that it was scibbled and I could not read it I rang last wednesday. then this morning the lady at dwp promised to post another one 1st class.


I really feel for you as I am very much the same as you with APS a lot of brain damage from it, last MRI few weeks ago, very giddy. Never feel totally awake, like I am in a semi anesthetic, if that is what you call brain fog, pins and needles in hands legs and roof of my mouth and lips, it is awful, so you really do have my sympathy, I also understand about the DLA and forms, have had mine re-looked at, had a medical, and now appealing for 2nd - 3rd time and now it is going to tribunal.... All the very best and DON'T give up, we are genuine and really do suffer from this, so keep fighting, we are all here to support you X


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