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saw Dr. D,Cruz yesterday who re-instated my diagnosis, but said I don,t need to be seen again, feel a bit high and dry,also asked for something for fatigue (was wanting to try plaquenil but couldnt think of the name of it at the appt ) and he said there is nothing for fatigue. At a previous appt he said he was thinking of trying me on it, but at the follow up he had changed his mind, stating that there is no evidence to show that it helps with fatigue, thing is, so many people on here have posted that it does!

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  • Im sorry that Prof D'Cruz didn't give you Plaquenil. Ive found this very easy to read and informative information about the drug that you can have a read of and then I suggest you could write to him quoting some of the points and ask again if he would be willing to write to your GP suggesting that it is prescribed for you perhaps on a trial basis to start with to see if it can be of some use.

  • thank you so much, shall do that.

  • I would do this, you can always write to his secretary via email to be forwarded to him asking for what you need. I can't see a problem with asking for it. Mary F x

  • thanks :)

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