Raised bumps on hands - connected symptom?

I have just had first set of positive LA results and waiting for second testing to confirm APS diagnosis.

Have had a stroke and have most of the seemingly 'classic' APS symptoms, so hopefully an APS diagnosis will be the start of the solution.

However, I have a couple of symptoms that don't seem to fit in and was wondering if they are usual with APS.

I get raised bumps on my hands - almost like goosebumps or hives, but they stay for weeks and bleed. Might just be allergic reaction?

Am very grateful to this website, haven't even heard of APS before diagnosis!

Also, I am being diagnosed at St Barts Neurology unit and they've been very very good. Haven't seen much feedback about them, but the lady I'm seeing is quite knowledgable on APS and has been very helpful.

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  • First of all welcome to our site and its great that you have found us. I was interested that you have been sent to Barts and not St Thomas or Guys which is of course where most people are sent for APS in London.

    Having said that its great to hear that you are getting a good service from a Neurologist, we can sometimes get a dump rap from them!! Its more normal to be dealt with by Rheumatologists or Haematologists but I can see that if you had a Stroke how it has happened and its great that your Doctor was on the ball. I do hope though that if you have all the classic symptoms and have also had a clotting incident that your Neurologist is not going to rely on a second blood test to make a dx and then start treating you! He/She should dx not just on blood tests but on clinical history and presenting symptoms as well as the blood results and even if your result was negative now I would expect them to stick their neck out!

    As for your hands, well thats difficult for any of us to say as we are not doctors. Have you been seen by a Dermatologist? If not I would suggest it. Take photos so there is something to document with dates.

    BTW, are you attending the New London Hospital part of Barts as a matter of interest?

  • Thank you! I think I'm just at the old part of St Barts, it's a pretty small site but I tend to go to the outpatients wing or MRI scanning wing.

    I was sent the initially as my peripheral vision has deteriorated and I get bad migraines (though aren't all migraines bad?!) and they thought it might have been a tumour, luckily wasn't, but that scan led to more scans and they found stroke lesions.

    I've been told it will be Warfarin when second tests come back. Waiting is now the hard bit!

  • Whaaat! They have not put you on any anticoagulation? Not even aspirin? With the greatest of respect this is what I was talking about above. If you have had a scan which is showing previous strokes and you have had a positive LA, then in my opinion they should have at least put you on Aspirin for the time being. To make you wait another 12 weeks is not good enough.

    I would go to the HSF website and download as much as you can from there and take it to your GP and ask to be put on Aspirin at the very least. You could also ask for the referral to St T because its going to take awhile anyway and you might as well get the ball rolling.

    After my stroke I lost peripheral vision and was told it was unlikely it would return but eventually it did. I went online and did as many sight tests as I could find so that I was testing my mapping skills as much as possible. Its surprising how much the brain can remap itself if you keep pressing it.

    Please push for some anticoagulation as soon as possible and dont wait for these second blood results.

    If you need any help with collecting info for your Doctor please just ask.

  • Regarding your rash, I had a rash on my hands that were raised bumps, very sore to the touch. They did not bleed but the dermatologist biopsied one. They weren't 100% certain with the diagnosis. I'll see if I can find the diagnosis in my files when I get home. They showed up when my body was under extreme physical stress (complications from a kidney biopsy: I had a bleed that developed a large hematoma that pressed on my nerves and my leg went numb, kidneys weren't functioning well, and had polychondritis on top of all that too).

  • Found the dermatology results of the biopsy on my rash: chilblain lupus erythematosus.

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