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Hi Folks I'm back for a while i hope your all still fighting..I

I have had a very busy time these last few weeks,and happy and sad too.

Firstly my father who is 83 had a bad fall in his garden and is currently in rest bite he has recovered from his fall and managed to go to my sons marriage on saturday which was a happy day,and the weather was kind to us.

Then sadly my aunty passed away which came as a shock,I was very close to my aunty and im going to miss her being around.

I also had a fall last week and slipped a disc which really knocked me sideways and so painful,it is still biting now as im writing and will have to finish now,and to say thanks for all the kind comments you have left me.I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather and soaking up the sun while it lasts!

Keep up the fight and best wishes to you all.


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Oh Dear Pops! You have been in the wars. Im so sorry to hear about everything. I do hope you start to feel better and your Dad also recovers well from his fall.

Try and keep us updated with your progress and you also try and relax a bit in the sun. It will help your back feel better. xx


Thankyou for your comment APsnotFab,my dad is getting there and he is still in rest bite and will be for another week.its very exspensive there £700.00 a week!.

I have tried to persuade him to go into a care home or an warden controlled flat.

He is 83 and very stubborn and won't listen to any advice and wants to stay at his bungalow and be independent.

My back is'nt any better and is still biting which is making life difficult for me,and frustrating as i can't get out for a walk with my dog.


pops x


So sorry to hear about your dad and your aunt. Here in the US our families often get so strung out that it becomes impossible to maintain close day to day ties with relatives. I had many, many aunts, uncles and cousins. But today they are strung out from France to Alaska and I do not see them as often as I would like.

Hang in there. And best wishes to you dad and you as he recovers.



Hello Pops,

It seems you had a bit of a low with your fathers fall a high with the wedding & then two lows with the loss of your dear aunt & your own fall.....oh poor you.

Slipped discs are so painful so do take it steady it wont take much to aggravate it, even a simple sneeze or cough can set the pain off.

£700 a week is robbery it's no wonder the dear old soul wants to come home.

I'm afraid we all want to be independant & although you would feel better knowing he had some sort of care he is going to dig his heels in to stay in his bungalow.

I think you might have a fight on your hands with this one friend has just gone into residential care & he loves it.

He has his own small but well equipped flat so he still has his independance but he now has others around they have functions going on.

Things dont happen in halfs do they pops ? 'it's all or nothing'.

Your dad may come round to your way of thinking sometimes a fall can knock confidence & once home he may feel a bit insecure.....for now you need to take care of that back.

As for the sun !.....where has it gone it has rained all day here. :-)

Jillymo x big Hug


I hope you and your Dad get better as quickly as possible and have some good summer relaxation ahead of you. Mary F x


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