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Article on gluten intolerance and auto immune diseases

We're not eating the same wheat that our parents ate. Is the drought-resistant, bug-resistant, faster-growing wheat that we have today causing these gut problems?

Via Eat Local Grown — with Amy Myers MD.

I came across this article and thought you might be interested. I have been two days gluten free and have decided to follow this up. I managed to be vegan for ten years so should be able to master this. Reading about the damage it does is certainly motivating. Thanks for all the information and encouragement previously posted on this.It has really. helped me make this decision. Ann

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Thank you for posting such an interesting article Ann. I have absolutely no doubt that every word that is written is true. I have been GF now for 14 months and to be honest it really was not that difficult. I do understand that its more difficult for those that have children however or a large family.

I went to the Allergy and FreeFrom Show at Olympia the other week which was sponsered by Celiac UK amongst others. It was packed full of companies producing really great produce so that you can hardly feel deprived anymore. yes I still miss a great chunk of freshly cooked crunchy bread which even a bread maker is hard to replicate BUT one mouthful now is enough to remind me why I cant eat it. Small sacrifice for staying around and trying to be healthy enough to see my kids and grandchildren. AND there is some great GF CHOCOLATE to have instead!! :-D

Thanks again for reminding me of that Ann xx


Thank you for sharing this. He explains the details with great specificity.


Thanks for the encouragement. I was pleasantly surprised by range of things available but not so pleased about the relative price! Worth paying it though do not to feel deprived. I thought was s very clear article. Ann


the wheat that we all grew up with got 'changed' into the wheat that is now available today starting sometime in the late 1960s -- as i recall seeing from an article i read

i have been gluten free for over a year now and i feel terrific -- though i do admit when i see a beautiful loaf of either sourdough bread or one of those finely crafted twisted breads i get a brief urge to eat the whole loaf but i know that the side effects would be disastrous so i restrain myself.


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