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Advice re flying

I am on warfarin and my inr is always at the higher end of my range of 3.0 - 4.0. I am doing a one hour flight in a couple of weeks and wonder if there are any extra precautions I should take. Did the same journey last year and had all the symptoms of a small stroke but numerous tests showed nothing. Am rather nervous about the journey to say the least!


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Hi there, please refer to our charity website which has an advice on flying for you.

Mary F x


Avoid alcohol from well before and during flight, drink plenty of water, try and walk about a bit, do some leg stretching exercises in your seat, try and get a seat that does not constrain you, try and be at top end of your INR range. Some recommend those special stockings

I had a few weeks away recently and was a little above my target until the morning of 4 hr flight when it dropped to 0.3 above the resort to heparin injection level. Thankfully by evening, after self-testing in airport lounge, I saw it had regained to close to lower end of normal. Have a good one.


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