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Hi all,

I have been suffering with HS since 2012 (got diagnosed in 2015), I have recently had a boil/lump come up on my right armpit which it got to the point where I actually couldn't move my right arm, especially with the work I do. As with the work I do, I had to work with my left arm, which to me is useless.

Is there a way I could convince my doctor to see if there is a way to get rid of it? As in surgery? Because this is one of the things that is bringing me down.


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Update: I now have one coming up on my right thigh.


I had surgery to remove an area under my armpit where I consistently had problems. I was told that more could still come back around the same area since it only removes that particular one and isn't a cure. The surgery was painful afterwards since they had to tighten the skin around what they had taken out but I never got another lump in that armpit. That was about 15 years ago? I also previously had surgery on inner thigh/groin. I would recommend surgery to alleviate some of my the pain but as they said, they can't keep taking all my skin away :(


I've had some small ones come up, but they've lasted a few hours, but I'm going back to the doctors if a large one comes up again and see if they can refer me for surgery.


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