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Effective body washes for HS

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Hello to everyone on this site..........

I have suffered with HS since I was 18 (now 55!). I have had countless prescriptions for antibiotics, and had 2 underarm surgeries - each side -the latter being in 1998 when I required skin grafts, in 1998. I have HS in armpits, groin, inner thighs and under breasts. It is a miserable condition, and one that is not appropriate for social gatherings! please can anyone recommend a shower/body wash that helps to ease pain after showering? Sanex used to do a good one but I can't seem to find it anywhere now. Thanks for reading........

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I am not sure in UK. in Canada Benzac wash is helpful either over counter or prescription.

Thank you FullEmbrace for your suggestion. I will investigate its availability in the UK.

Hi Dear,

I just had given a name for what they called until now "ingrown hair"!!! after 4 years of telling me to not confuse my google research with their doctor diploma!!!

However , I have been given an antiseptic to wash with. but was on a prescription from hospital and it's quite expensive also.

If you would like to know the name tell me :)

Hope you are as pain free as possible.


Hi AndreeaR

I am very interested to know the name of your antiseptic wash. Are you from the UK?

Thank you ;-)

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SamanneJ in reply to Raccie123

Hi, I'm not sure if it's hibiscrub, apparently you can buy it over the counter. I was given some last year at a pre- op I never had so have decided to start using it as I've heard from others it helps x

I have had this disease since I was 15, it's painful and rather embarrassing for someone of my age- people judge me and not many can accept it.

From what I've understood over the treatments I've tried- the "spots" have to get worse before they get better.. It's not exactly cheap but I've found Molton Brown Eucalyptus shower gel amazing. It brings them up very quickly but then once they begin to drain, it will ease them very quickly too, I have a very painful couple on the inside of my thigh and it's an absolute godsend. For now I genuinely wouldn't use anything different. Suggest you give it a go, because it's a kind of anti septic, and affordable in my opinion. Good luck :-)

Hello! The best advice I can give to anyone who has HS is to never use shower gel products of any kind. The best is " savon de Marseille " (well known French soap). My dermatologist told me that. All theset products are full of chemicals and are too agressive for our skin. Believe me ! Also the areas have to be dried. Best trick use a hairdryer. Hope this helps.

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yoshimi176 in reply to Hun77

Hi, can you tell me which product exactly - there seems to be quite a few variations of Savon de Marseille - thanks

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Hun77 in reply to yoshimi176

Hi! You should get the original ones it's a green chunky one with no perfume just made with olive oil. That's the original one. Don't use the ones with any perfume such as lavender, almond and so on ...these ones are cosmetics only. If you need anything else do not hesitate. Another thing as well if you have hs around the anal area toilet paper is prohibited. Use only water so a bottle is handy in your toilet as well as a towel. All the good dermatologist specialiseducation in HS will advise this.

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yoshimi176 in reply to Hun77

I'd not heard about the toilet paper one before :0 Thanks for the reply I'll get onto Amazon now :)

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Hun77 in reply to yoshimi176

Well, I know it may sounds disgusting but it's true. You can use toilet paper but have to use water afterwards. If you keep rubbing the affected area it will just flare up again. Dry and dry the area. You will see a difference!

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Daisy914 in reply to Hun77

Oh my gosh, I just figured out what has set mine off, I haven't had one in years and now one has popped up and it hurts!! I'm so glad I found your post you have given me so much insight into what I have and how to live with it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Hi Ive had this since I was 21 I'm now 52...4 drains and I agree its a painful condition. However - I was given a useful piece of information about 15 years ago by a lady doctor I saw when mine was on holiday. Try TALC - I swear by it as long as you use it when they are spot like and just starting (if you can; I know they can 'balloon' up almost overnight) Put the talc on it seems to dry them out when they are in the early stages and then a dressing over the top to reduce the friction. This has saved me many a sick day over the years. Do the Talc everytime and everywhere you get them and apply the dressings. It might work - it's worked for me. Im not saying I don't still get them but if I catch them early using the Talc and dressings they go back down.

hi the hospital has prescribed me HIBISCRUB you can buy it on line i wash with it daily also my consultant has told me to bath in Milton sterilising fluid as that might help i find it rather embarrassing as both my underarms are filled with open leaking holes deodorant is a big no no i am so very conscious of smelling so the scrub does help

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Raccie123 in reply to joanne49

Thank you for sharing this joanne49. Will look this up on line.

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Kangacat in reply to joanne49

Hi, have found that Hibiscrub stopped my cysts from closing. They were open way longer than usual. When I stopped using it, they took longer to heal too.

I only use hebicleanse for the wash, but for the pain After I wash the area, I use Tea Tree oil, it will take a minute but for some reason that gives me a a little relief..

I find aveeno showers gels are good also femfresh which does not irritate

Awww I have my HS in the same areas as you do and reading this made me feel not alone🧡

Hi! My name is Rachel and I’ve suffered from HS since I was 11- I’m now 29. I’m scarred up everywhere and it has always been severe but has gotten worse since having my children and while pregnant. They finally told me what this is called this year at my OB/gyn. After 18 years and countless people at emergency rooms giving me advice the only thing I have found that helped the overall look and appearance of my skin was proactive body wash. I got it for free 5 years ago and after a week cried because it started to make even my scars look better. It also helped my sores happen less frequently.

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I believe using nothing is the best for me. Just water to clean it out. I use my money on good non stick bandages and paper tape and some good healthy foods. Oh and some alcohol pads. Lol. I am 55 and currently in a “Flare”. 😞

For the groin area I've used talc since I was21 now 55... they need to be kept dry & moisture just seems to make them worse do not use creams... if u can catch them when I feel one 'looming' try the talc.. esp after showering/bathing... this tip was from a lady dr years ago... it keeps mine at bay...

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