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My problem is resolved

I had HS for a years. Was referred to different specialists. Name it, from a general practitioners to dermatologist to a surgeon and ended up to a plastic surgeon.

I was and still ashamed because my armpits were not pretty. But most of all I just wanted to end the pain.

I had a surgery 3years ago and I never suffered any more pain from then.

All I need now is to try to make my underarms lighter and hopefully make the scars fade.

I want to try waxing it but I'm too scared. Do you think it'll be a good idea?

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Waxing could probably aggravate a flaire to be honest x



Would you mind me asking what surgery you have had done? I've suffered for 10+ years with us I've been on numerous meds long term and I've also had 22 incision and drainage I have my problem mostly in the groin and buttocks..


I had it 4yrs ago and never came back... i had mine mostly in my underarm area. I went to a plastic surgeon but i forgot what they call the surgery. Your problem should be diagnosed with HS.


Mine are only groin area, I had surgery to remove the sacks and tissue and it solved the ones in that particular area but not everywhere...my removal was eitherside of my inner thigh (right by pant line) and the aftercare and recovery was horrendous, I dont regret it now but its a big decision as it took me 6 weeks to get back to work and heal!


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