twirling and talking to toys

my 5 year old son has for a few years twirled toys , talked to them and held them close to his eyes , we have sought advice from a paedatrician initi ally for alcohol fetal syndrome as his mother drank heavily through her pregnancy , we split up shortly after his birth , 3 weeks to be exact and i have had full custody since and she has no contact

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  • Sounds like autism. I would go back to your paediatrition and ask for an autism assessment. Autism is a huge spectrum from mild to severe, but its a combination of communication, socialisation and repetitive behaviour. One maybe worse than the other? Every child can have a different degree of severity. Hope you get some answers

  • he also has very immature speech , slight in frame but not at all aggressive , the opposite very passive & loving , he holds none of the other traits of compulsive needs ie. placing items in lines in order ect , very intelligent but lacks concentration , hard to keep his attention to do a task , but does not interact as well as he should with other children , he finds comfort in talking to the toy he is twirling or himself , thus isolating himself slightly BUT can mix well if it suits him,the inititial paediatrition assesement was for only fetal alcohol syndrome - which he only has signs of the curverture in little fingers as his mother whom he has not seen since he was 3 weeks old drank throughout her pregnancy, i was request an autism assesment on your advice & im hoping the severity level would be very low if he is found to be suffering with autism and we have found this early enough to be able to treat & cure this for him , many thanks Keith

  • My son is 6 and has autism, everything you wrote It could have been me describing my son. There is no cure for autism I'm afraid there is plenty of help.

  • Insist your GP refers him to the appropriate clinics, the school should be able to help too. My son was referred through the school for fine motor skills and speech and language therapy. It's a long road and you have to permanently push for everything, but with all the right help there is no reason why your son can't grow up to be a successful young man. Take a google at all the successful people with autism it isn't the end just a new beginning to a better understood life.

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