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Can you test my boy!

A simple question can anyone on here test my 11 year old for Aspergers.I felt I've had to jump through hoops when we lived in Australia and didn't get any further forward as to a diagnosis.Weve been back in uk a year I asked his primary school but they just seem to accommodate his quirky ways etc he is also dyslexic which I paid for to be privately tested when we lived in Australia.No one wants to listen,yet I've taken your test twice for him and he scored 41 out of 50 both times.I don't want to approach my dr as I don't think they have time and Cahms have a huge waiting list apparently.How much longer.He starts the academy in September and I feel he could be such a small fish in a large tank his nickname in 2 schools was the little professor he is quite smart,but his poor coordination and other stuff slow him down.

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Hi Felixmum,

Sorry but I think you're going to have to visit your GP because that's how the whole process is instigated...unless you go private of course. There isn't a single test that can definitely say your son has autism. The diagnostic process consists of a number of investigations from different professionals...or it should do if it's done properly.

Please read the information in this link, which shows you exactly what you need to do.


The test I posted is designed for adults, but such a high score should probably be reported as evidence in the initial GP referral appointment.

Sorry again that I can't give you better news. This is my take on how it works but maybe somebody else will be able to give you some more pointers.

Best of luck.


The only way as explained is a referral through your GP. Your son shows classic signs of Asbergers . First of all he has co morbid conditions dyslexia, poor coordination is probably dyspraxia. Mini professor is a classic sign. Schools totally failed my sons, CAHMS recognised 1 out of 6 issues. Educational psychologists clueless. If you need a diagnosis quickly unfortunately the only way is private. Someone like this. Children on the Spectrum mask their feeling in school , if the school are unaware of this issue tell them to Google it, masses of information online. They have a poor understanding if they don't.


The cost is £3,000 approx. I suggest you check out properly the people you go to because some are better than others.

If you live in Scotland you do not need a diagnosis to start support. This is under the Additional Support for Learning Act and they have a legal duty to refer. As a parent you can also ask for an assesment explaining why.

If the High School has a decent Learning support team and Head they should listen to your concerns .

In Scotland you need to contact Enquire or Govan Law Centre. They will advise.

Since he is dyslexic has he ever been tested for Irlen Syndrome? The cost of the test is appromatitly £50 and it can only be done by certain opticians.




This is a rare form of Autism which both my boys are waiting for a diagnosis. Unfortunately it's not formally recognised and only a few places will diagnose.


Make sure the support is started quickly . Anxiety is the biggest issue and sadly that causes all sorts of issues.

My sons have been totally failed by the system.


This site has lots of information. There is a survey you might like to fill in on the 30th July . The results are shocking but by your experience not surprising .

The Petition about PDA could I ask could you please sign this. We are desperate to get this formally recognised.

If anyone else has co morbid issues in your family , like dyspraxia, epilepsy , Tourette's , make a family tree that will help your case.


Does he have any eating issues or sleep issues, 40% of folks on the spectrum have sleep issues. One of mine did not sleep through the night till he was 6.

Good Luck xx



Follow up on Masking. Sign in to the link, she pleads with Professionals to listen to parents concerns as children Mask their feelings at school. That's why so many are missed.


Boys and girls affected.


Hi hun I afraid the process in the UK is not much better my now 18yo son was under cahms pedatric drs etc since he was 18 mth and only got a diagnosis when he was 16 yo and that ended up being after an emergency appointment with Social Services when he coud'nt cope any longer. We have always as a family known there was something different but the blae was always put on us Mum n Dad saying "Bad parenting" and we went to every course they advised. A lot of wasted years missing the right help and support. Please do go to your GP as this is the first port of call to get things in motion. Hope you get a diagnosis quickly x

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Entirely agree , CAMHS not fit for purpose . One of mine will spend life on benefits. Scotland is shocking, so much covered up.

Have you seen this site?


Look on the 30 th July dates , there is a survey you should fill in only ten questions each one, one CAMHS the other Social Services. The results are shocking so far. So many parents blamed for poor parenting.

I have eventually worked out my two have PDA as well as Asbergers.. Look at the website , might give you some answers to questions. There is a questionairre and symptoms listed.


There is a Petition we want as many people as possible to sign. We must get PDA recognised.

We need people to complain to prove how shocking the system is. There is very little Good Practise.

Just found the direct link


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Not sure if you are aware but this will give you lots of information for England.


Enquire covers Scotland.



This is what the assesment should include. Unfortunately like everything it's the guidelines they don't have to follow it. This should be mandatory.


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