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Holiday Awards

This is for everyone who needs a holiday, so this is for YOU.

Having a great nephew who is inflicted with autism, holidays are a bit if a headache. So, if it's possible and I'm doing this correctly, I'd like to start a post whereby we can all share positive experiences.

I've always been one for praising good service and am happy to provide free promotion where it's warranted. Also though, as a family, we've all struggled in trying to find holidays that could be enjoyed by everyone in the family and not just one child.

So without further waffling here are my recommendations.

www..holidaypirates.com : Not only do they have amazing holiday bargains on their site but have also been researching into holidays for families that not only are suitable for the autistic member but enjoyable for the whole family. Also, and I really appreciate the effort they put in to their customer service. In my experience, I have found them to be very helpful and hope that you will have the same experience should you use them.

The other company who's praise I could shout from the rooftops and just thinking of this holiday makes me well up, is Walt Disney.

Although we all had concerns over this kind if holiday, the crowds, the queuing, accommodating unusual eating habits etc, my neice gave into the wishes of her children and they went to Disney World Paris. Prior to going she went to her doctor to get a brief letter outlining her eldest child's autism and that because of physical problems she would need to be able to take two pushchairs (one for a younger child too).

This letter was intended for use originally with the airline only as policy usually dictates one pushchair. It was only by chance that our lovely air hostess noticed the two pushchairs and told us to present the letter to customer services when we arrived at our destination which we did.

Disney World Paris YOU ROCK.

They were super fantastic across the board and my great nephew was treated like royalty. Every ride he went on, upon showing the pass from customer services, he was whisked to the front of the queue every single time. My neice managed in a weekend, to go on every ride three or more times because of not having to queue.

Breakfast with the characters was much the same and nothing was ever too much trouble. They even managed to get around the unusual (to us) eating habits by serving their meals in seperate, help yourself dishes and provided plenty of extra plates. So the frustration usually experienced when my great nephew stands inline insisting there must be only 32 peas on his plate and that they must not be on the same plate as his potatoes etc, was avoided. He even had his own waiter, obviously not just his, but the chap was definitely fine tuned to autistic tendencies, as were all of the staff.

Needless to say, this has now become the most popular holiday destination and we have all visited Paris several times now. It was great to see also, that although one child has special requirements, the great service he got was extended to all of the family.

Everyone had a fantastic time but if it hadn't been for our air hostess, we may never have found out about the service Wakt Disney could provide.

Well they are my recommendations for now but I will add any others that we have good experiences with and invite you to do the same. Only the good and the great though, this post hopes to remain as started and that is POSITIVE!


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