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Looking for healthy HIV +woman to have child with

I am 34 , latino 5'6" and I feel like everyone around me is having children and I don't have any, I would like to be a father, and if we can both be on medication, I think we can decrease the viral load to the point that the child may have a chance of being negative. My husband had children earlier and before diagnosis. The only availibility online now is in New York, the doc charges 100,000 dollars. Who has that kind of money?

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HI Bo,

I am glad to hear that you are both on medication for you HIV. Forgive me but I am a little bit unclear about your sexuality and the sexuality of the relationship you are in.

If you want children and you are in a gay relationship then you will need information about adopting, which in the UK is possible. Or you will need information about surrogacy, on this subject I am less clear so I will wait to hear back from you.

If you are in a heterosexual relationship and both of you have got your viral loads down to undetectable and keep taking your medications exactly as you are meant to then after six months you can conceive a baby in the normal way and then give birth in the normal way. There is now a less than 0.1% chance that your baby will be infected with HIV.

I will wait untill I hear back from you before I go into more detail but I hope this helps for now.

Kind Regards,



Hi are you on line




Shame on you to want to bring a child at risk of HIV,into the world.You must be evil.


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