Afraid of re-infection

Hi All, I was diagnosed with HIV last August 2016. Immediately started with my HIV medication. I do have partner since 2014 and he also was tested last August but the result was negative. He is scheduled to be tested again this coming November 2016. Currently, he has pimples which he used to not have that much since we met. I am afraid that he is now infected since sometimes we are not doing safe sex. What if he is now positive and he is not on medication, is there any possibilities that I will be re-infected even though I am on medication? I am afraid of drug resistance due to mutated HIV virus between me and him.

Note: we live together and he is not engaged with others. He is very honest to me. I am from Philippines

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  • Hi,

    Sorry, this has to be very short as I am just on my way out for a meeting.

    Short answer: No

    Longer answer will follow when I get back

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  • Thank you pauldecle. I am looking for your response.

  • Here you go...

    This is the reply to a similar question about reinfection. I hope it helps, if not get back to us...

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  • hey paul, slight correction: yes you can still infect the partner until you have had your viral load checked and you know at the time you are 100% undetectable. also trevada is a long term commitment and can be too harsh on the liver and you both can catch other STDS that can impact your level of detectability.

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