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Women Living with HIV Advocacy Workshop - WISE-UP+2015

Are you a woman living with HIV?

You can attend the WISE-UP+ (Women Inspire, Support and Empower- Unleashing Positive Potential) advocacy workshop 2015.

It is an exciting opportunity to meet other women living with HIV in a safe and confidential space and participate in an advocacy workshop specifically designed by and for women living with HIV.

Please follow the link for more information.


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Are there more events like this coming up?


Hi Pumpkin99 sorry I am just getting to reply your mail. This is the second one holding. The first event was last year . However sometimes there are women workshops and information sessions that hold and if I am able to get the information I can post it here


No problem. Thank you!


Hi 10olive,

Im very interested in any future workshops. Where I live are no groups or events. I would very much like to become involved with other women campaigning/educating on H.I.V. I have been H.I.V 2 yrs now and im doing ok but keen to be involved in something bigger. Keep us posted?

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Hey kentgal, nice to connect and fab to hear you want to be involved. Where do you live? I will see if there are any events soon and will keep us posted. There is a facebook page for ACT UP women, ACT UP holds regular meetings with amazing people and we are looking to do an event sometime later in the year, Positively UK has some women programs and sophia forum organizes the advocates weekend . . I hope this helps and I am happy to keep in touch .


Thanks for replying, I will check out the links. I live in a small seaside town near margate. x


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