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Hiv testing 9 weeks and 84 days

Hi guys some help please! I had a risky exposure in Africa. 10 days after the exposure I was really ill with fever night sweats. Diarrhea and really bad muscle aces. I had a white tougue and felt really weak and sickly. After 2 weeks my night sweats and fever went away. However my tougue started to have trush and my troat to hurt the aces and feeling sick continued. I went to the doctors and had a hiv antibody and antigen test at 9 weeks which came back negative. Still I was ill my tougue with patches my aces really bad and I started to get tingling. Pins and needles in my hads and feed. So I went for an 3 generation antibody body test at 84 days which was negative with a reading of 0.29. How long does it take for a hiv test to be conclusive as I am being told a year and by others 6 months. Please help still feeling ill bad sore throat. Aces in my muscles. I now have mouth ulcers and still feel fatigued and the pins and needles anyone here ever had negative tests and then was positive? When are hiv tests conclusive. Advice please!

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Nowadays I believe it should require 2 to 3 months maximum after exposure to know for sure. Plus, as far as I know your symptoms are a bit over the top for hiv. Usually you get flu like symptoms and sometimes some sort of dermatological anomalies like pimples. What you experience could be something else. I am not an expert though about the latter argument.


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