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Looking for people pos over 20 years for help/stories/experiences for a book I am in the process of writing!

Hi All

I am currently penning a semi autobiographical book on my past 30 years of being HIV. 

Parts of which I would like to include stories from others who have been positive for a long time - the longer the better! Whether that is in the UK or anywhere in the world. It would all be written anonymously, of course, and hopefully cover mainly highs rather than the lows. But also, tales of medication through the years, organisations and how they have changed, the early struggles. Basically anything that you want to share!

If you think you'd like to help, drop me a line at

Look forward to hearing from you,


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Only 6 years here but hit me up - I've got a few stories...


Hey Ian! How's it going?  I'm 21 years living with HIV. You can reach me.


I have been HIV positive for almost 30 years. 20 of them  diagnosed full blown AIDS.

I lived for 5 years having 4 t-cells. I named them Huey, Dewey, Lewey, and Pluto. Lol

11 years later, thanks to HIV cocktail, I have 977 t-cells and undetectable almost 11 years.

 I've lost my teeth (I'm not a meth user, never used that crap), had PCP Pneumonia and nearly died, I've had a replaced left shoulder, and left hip caused by a condition know as Avascular Necrosis, which was caused by early HIV med called Zerit. I have pain in my joints every day. It never stops. Opiates don't help much, plus they constipate me horribly. I recently discovered CBD oil, a Cannabinoid oil used for pain, but does not get you high. It's a God send for my daily pain, as I have not taken a single opiate since starting CBD oil a bit over a month ago.

So, to sum it up, HIV has been no picnic, but at least I'm a long term survivor, and in less pain.

Stay healthy my friends.


Hi Guys and thanks for getting back to me! 

I've had a couple of 'stressy' weeks, but getting on top of the situation and pushing out the other side. Not a health related matter - just life in general. Ha Ha!

As soon as I'm in the right frame of mind I'll get my writing head on and mail you individually and collectively to get the ball rolling and some introductions etc etc. I do like a good chat, so.... For now.....ill be in touch soon ;-)



I've got some stories to tell you about my life with hiv 



I'm was diagnosed in 1983 as a participant in the trial for the test which wasn't available til 1985. In the arm of the trial I was in they looked for HTLV-3 which was one of a few candidates suspected of causing AIDS. Poppers were also a suspect. I was patient 007 and spent my early life with one foot in the world of celebrity and glamour and the other dealing with death and fear. I managed to bring these worlds together a bit and achieved a few positive outcomes by being quite naughty and have begun to document some of them but I'm not a writer and have just outlined a few incidents so you are welcome to use my stories. Some of them are a bit gut wrenching but Gay men have a sense of humour even when faced with unthinkable situations and being on equal ground with our doctors who knew as much as the patients made things interesting..


What up, I guess this is a start, my name is Julius Washington, I first found out on June in 1982, THAT I WAS POZ FOR HIV, I was told to put my affairs in order, because I had less the 6months to live, so I did what I can to kill myself the first 3years, then I watched as all of my friends who started taking the drug AZT, die in a manor of months of taking this drug, so I went force healthier life style, did my research and didn't take anything until there was a better drug, stayed clear until 2000, then started with trial drugs and stayed undetectable for all of my years and still to this day, not old age is creeping upon me and I having to worried about other things like high blood pressure, and other things from other people. Would like to share more if you would like,


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