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Hey just want to ask a question for advise I'm recenlty diagnosed and my cd count is 435. I feel healthy and never been unwell. I work overseas mostly and due to go back end of march till October. I'm based in Europe Greece therefore do not need blood tests etc to work there so that is ok. My doctor is going to start me on hiv medication soon which I think is the correct thing to do. I should be able to come back in the summer for further check ups as long as it is only 1 day turn around. Can anyone advise if it is an option to buy hiv medication in Greece and how much it costs and if you can pay a clinic to give you hiv check up. Really confused at the minute and was going to stay in the uk but this means changing jobs. I love what I do and would like to continue this at the minute and to be honest the more I think about it hiv effects people all over the world and as I'm 100% feeling healthy I think I should not let thus stop me. My only concern is that I have not told my employer but I don't think they need to know. Any advice am I being stupid thinking I can work overseas still or is it a better option to stay in the uk.

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