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Stay Blessed & Stay Positive!

Hello, just joining on happy holidays to all and if your by yourself beloved, remember that you are wonderful in yourself. I have been positive since 1991. I feel great and honored to be here today going into 2016, just turned 55 this year but my life is good. Undetectable on meds, healthy, Im dealing with my recovery from certain things which I'm ready to let go and live the life i've been Blessed to have. Been in a relationship for over two years now with a negative person. Now trying to get him on Prep. Gods time I guess. OK, just wanted to share a little bout me. Proud n pride. Be well and keep faith in healing positive thoughts and words. It means alot- what you tell yourself! Looking forward to a great new year!

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Hi Lachanceny! Thanks for being here and sharing your experience with the community :)


Thank you Simone, have a great day


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