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Need Assistance

My husband was diagnosed with HIV about 7 years ago. He use to receive assistance from ARC to pay his $3000 copay for specialist and meds but now that we are married we make too much money to receive assistance. In ohio you have to make less than 300% of poverty level. We don't have that kind of money. I'm hoping to eventually afford the $1000 premium deductible from work. He's healthy but I hate that he doesn't take his meds any more or see his specialist. Any suggestions on what we can do to receive help?

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Welcome to the community Jeff1968! Have you tried looking for services provided by HIV Charities near you? I found a list here aids.about.com/od/advocatel...

I hope it helps!!


Thats crazy that in a country like america they can treat people like this. I'm not from.the states but that amazes me in a bad way. You need to take care of your health if he isn't undectable your at a higher risk of transmission from him.

GoodLuck to you both.


Where are you located. Call me on Tuesday 212 643 9110. I can help with finding assistance.



We live in Dayton, Ohio. He use to receive assistance from aids resource center but now they say he makes too much money to receive assistance. We both make like 14.50 an hour. We don't have the $3000 copay needed that the ARC use to cover to get the meds and doctor visits needed. You have to make less than 300% of poverty level in Ohio to receive assistance. We've contacted the drug company and they can reduce the cost a little but your still paying $2500 for a month supply. It's rediculous.


I probably won't have time to call today because I have to take mom to doctors in morning then pulling overtime at work. But you can call me and I might be able to answer or leave me a message or possibly email me info. 937-396-4416, taz.cnj@hotmail.com




Have you heard of ADAP or ADAP+ New York State Dept of Health has it, see about your state. The number in NY is 1800 542 2347 maybe they can give you info for your state


have him talk to his doctor about co-pay cards for the meds. as long as he is not on a state or federal insurance (medicare/medicaid/tricare) they will work for him. I pay about $36 a month for my meds. Contact the pharmacy companies for help with the cost. Most of them will offer assistance to offset the cost of drugs.


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