Final year?

I went from being seriously disabled and getting high rate DLA since 1996 after having my nerves , pancreas, fat and mitochondrial DNA blown apart by HIV trial drugs. Chronic fatigue gave me about 4 useful hours a day .

Now after my pip assessment where all medical evidence was avoided I got 0 points due to the lies on my application so suddenly Ingot no money, no car, no way to get to public transport, nothing to eat. No heating and a very unsure future. I will have to come off the meds if I don't have food and at 53 years old I'm taking crystal meth just to keep up with the demands of ignorant job centre staff. I can't find any legal advice on this and it looks like after surviving being diagnosed in 1983 and some real toxic trial drugs I'm to starve and freeze so i'll die slowly due to this evil government. At least the Germans used a gun on their disabled population. cAMoron doesn't have the balls.

I'll be selling my iPad and probably my arse if I'm going to survive this. I've done 8 months of porridge already under DWP force. i don't fancy doing it again.

Living with HIV was never going to last forever anyway.

See ya

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  • Where do you live?

  • Se8 Lewisham. I can't even use the CAB as it is in catford and open 6 hours per week with no email or phone service

  • You should try and contact Taz Edwards at Metro Center in Greenwich she is good at sorting things like that.

    She helped me sort my benefits out.

  • She was one of the first ones to help me but my case became so complex that I was advised to seek specific legal help. The Jobcentre just mocked her anyway, when she said I was between a rock and a hard place the Jobcentre replied "we agree"

    I contacted over 70 organisations who offer help with legal difficulties but none of them would take on my case for various reasons.

    The CAB were telling me that they could not advise me and my burning pants were advising me to get back on my meds and get some rest. Then the PIP assessor lied on every single question, refused to look at doctors letter and gave me 0 points. Taking Motability car and ending DLA. I'll be stuck at home with £50 a week until I am sanctioned for not being able to get to job centre.

    if appeal is rejected or takes too long I'm finished. It's not even winter and I'm cold and hungry. I've been fighting JCP for 3 years and it's futile, they just ignore evidence and DM's stay anonymous to avoid accountability. They know exactly what the consequences will be, it's simple cause and effect.

  • i feel for you

  • i feel for you

  • This is scary, isnt there a way out of all these torture?

  • Yes there is, I am expected to commit suicide or die of starvation, hypothermia or AiDS which will bring it to a tidy end where I wouldn't be in the data due to being in the support group where my clinical endpoint is supposed to be within reach.

    What will happen is that I will endure the torture which will be stepped up at each phase of the process and play a game of snakes and ladders until someone with a brain and a shred of humanity will actually read my file and see the madness within and realise that if they do not take action to remedy the situation it will have their name on it when somebody else eventually does. They will probably make an out of court offer which might just cover my losses and I will accept rather than fight for the compensation I deserve but cannot get now that there is no legal aid.

    The people guilty of playing this games will have a meeting, with hobnobs. They might receive a bit of training and then be promoted and sent back to ruin the life of some other poor bugger with a bit more caution in case they get another fish that wriggles as much as I will continue to do. There are no other possible outcomes and no way of speeding up the process. I have learned not to hope that somebody else will sort these things out for me and resigned myself to do the time that this will take.

    I have considered breaking the jaw of the bastard who threw me over the desk at Southwark council housing office to protect his partner in corruption from being exposed for allocating housing to people who are unentitled but prepared to pay the bribe. I decided against this as I can't be certain my dog would be looked after while I am happy in prison not having to worry about eating or heating and having more of a social life than I have now.

  • I forgot my other option which is to tell the DWP to shove their benefit payments where the sun wouldn't want to go and use the £250,000 credit I have on my cards to live in luxury until things catch up with me and I would then use a scheme to write off the debt a few years later. My friends did this and were allocated a fabulous flat on the Thames because they named me as their carer. This is not my style and I have already moved from a riverside apartment to a rat infested shoe box between the railway line and waste recycling Center. This was preferable to going back to Dagenham where I came from, as suggested by my homophobic and racist housing officer who seemed not to understand why I refused her advice to avoid becoming a victim of hate crime, and because not all white British people come from there as she had been lead to believe. Or that ticking the no box for medical reason for housing application was a hate crime in itself.

    Unfortunately I cannot let this treatment caused by total lack of diversity in this Nigerian only establishment go unchallenged, especially when the corruption is so evil that a crack dealer was allocated luxury housing next to the home of a councillor who had made a stand on the issue. The terms of his lease was to stand outside her house with a gun whenever a council meeting was in session to stop her going to it. so when the DWP's Aktion T4 squad stops trying to send me to the helium tent, i'll be returning to Southwark council to try to end the violence and futility of housing applications without being thrown against a wall or having a full assessment made by a receptionist who chooses when to speak our language only when the £10,000 cost of a successful application is discussed. I have the evidence but not the time and as it also involves taking on the local government ombudsman and information commissioner who also put the boot in on me rather than take on the challenge of doing their job when Southwark destroyed my data and evidence and admitted it knowing that the ICO would refer me to the LGO, and the LGO would refer me back to ICO like when the ball on the old pong game got stuck between the bat and the wall. bleep

  • I notice that there are no replies. I wonder if it is because my story sounds unbelievable or just too shocking. I am willing to send my evidence to anybody requesting it and also add that 3 of the housing officers at Southwark council are now serving prison sentences for allocating housing to friends and family and accepting bribes of £10,000 to house non family members.

    I challenge any non African sceptics to attempt to enter the housing offices at Bournemouth road southwark and report your experience. Be prepared to be grabbed and thrown against the wall as you enter

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