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My bf and I have been together for 2 years now. Unfortunately, a couple months ago it was confirmed that he is HIV +. While it has been a difficult diagnosis for him, it has also been a hard adjustment for me. In particular, I constantly feel guilty (for lack of a better word) even though I know I shouldn't. We frequently book "couples" appointments and he has to hear that my tests are negative while he is struggling. However, we are still together and hoping it all gets easier.......

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  • Thank you for sharing. My best friend is HIV+ and she is terrified no one will be able to look past her diagnosis. It's comforting to know people can get past stigma. Good luck to the both of you - stay strong! xx

  • I'm sure it will get easier once the adjustments become routine. All the best

  • thats my fear weather i will be able to find someone who can look beyond that and accept me. i hope all goes well for you love and hugs xx

  • Hi Pumpkin, You are both dealing with the diagnosis in your own way, feeling guilty about your health is not uncommon, it will get easier. There's a great article here about a South African serodiscordent couple talking about love.

    My 'boyfriend' is negative, accepting and loving, I had to kiss a few frogs but there are princes out there Kimmy

  • Its quite encouraging to know that you are willing to support you're partner through this journey try and talk to each other about it so that you can heal each other .

    My husband left as soon as I was diagnosed and immediately after I lost a pregnancy its been hard but having someone to talk to a professional makes it easier

    All the best

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