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Living With H.A.D: How The Weather Effects Us

it's not just the food that we have to manage when it comes to living with HIV and diabetes the weather has a major impact on us as well.

If the weather is to hot it cause our sugar levels to go into double figures, the past few days my sugar levels have been gong as high as 15 despite taking extra medication and insulin. The result I became over tired and bad tempered.

Not only that if you live on your own the hot weather can end up making you a prisoner in your own home because it's to hot to go out and the same can be said for when it's to cold you end up becoming isolated.

The cold weather cause our sugar levels to drop which can lead to hypo's and add the effects of the AVR's which causes your metabolism to work faster.

I remember one year it was that cold my sugar levels dropped below 5, my metabolism was going so fast I found myself sitting in the middle of the room crying my eyes out because I couldn't get warm despite having the heating on full and a blanket wrapped round me.

I'm sort of getting used to becoming a prisoner in my own because of the weather, I get frustrated when it's too hot because the house work gets on top of me and I get frustrated because I can't do much. But then I remind myself I can always do it tomorrow!

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Thanks for sharing George, I struggle with swollen ankles and feet from an immuno suppressant following my kidney transplant. I will write a separate post. Keep well and hope things do not get any worse. x

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