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i recently had an episode of missed heart beats with no regularity i visited my gp who gave me an ecg which was ok?my blood pressure was hig

h and pulse also and i was reffered to cardiologist ,next visit to gp my blood pressure and pulse were ok? the first time this happened it self corrected after 3 days but it hasnt self corrected this time ,although it dosent happen all the time it has happened on and off through out the day,my heart does not beat faster or slower but does beat hard enough for me to notice it after a missed beat ??does any one have any ideas what this could be or have experianced this themselves i would be very grateful for any 33 woman... thank you xx

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Hi Louise, it may be worthwhile speaking to your GP at greater length and discussing ECG options in greater detail; perhaps you could have either a 24 or 72 hour ECG to detect any irregular rhythms or missed beats. You can learn more about heart monitoring and ECG here Thank you


thankyou very much for reply and link was helpful... do you know of any reasons the heart will skip beats?or conditions about this, i have read a few things on certain conditions but in most symptoms lists i cant really find any that say about missed heart beats ,,..thank you very much x x


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