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brief episode of odd feeling heartbeat

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Hello, I have only posted once before here and am still fairly new to this community. I didn't receive any responses or likes for the first post and so I am wondering if I am doing something wrong and it didn't go out? I guess I will find out if I have any replies or not to this one... Anyway, I have had SVT episodes, and periods of ectopics (PVC's and PAC'S) from time to time over the last 10 years. Still have not found a rhyme or reason for the flare ups after all this time. It's not anything typical like caffeine, etc., however, something that happens occasionally is extremely unnerving to me- a sudden odd heartbeat that lasts for usually around 10 seconds and it feels so strange, like my heart is trying to figure out how to battle it and get back to normal. It leaves me extremely anxious after for a little while and feeling off. Today it happened while I was calmly driving down a side street talking to my mom on the phone. I am hydrated, rested, and relatively stress free ( or was until this happened ). Does anyone have this where you can actually feel it in the throat if taking pulse?

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oops, meant last 15 years. Since my oldest child was a baby...

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If you post in the AFA section of Health Unlocked you will reach a much wider audience and much more likely to get a response

It's a very friendly helpful community !


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Thank you I will try that. At least now I know that I did it right thought : )

It sounds to me like how people describe an ectopic, but I'm no expert on them. They are totally benign apparently, but can be quite scary when you don't know what they are. Try reading some of the posts on ectopics - links are in the column on the right.

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Thank you. Yes, I am slightly less scared of the SVT and PAC and PVC's than when this weird sensation happens. Although brief, it takes a while to feel back to normal again... Sometimes the PVC's and PAC's can go on for days on and off or even a particular week and they are slightly less alarming. I need to figure out how to just breathe through this and not get so scared somehow...


I have SVT... ectopics and something called VT. Ventricular Tachycardia.

I am a 40 year old felmale and have had it for 3 years nearly.

With the VT my heart just goes completly out out of sync and trys to fight hard to go back in.It sometimes feel like worms in my chest.

Its very scary when it happens.

And can happen anytime....when Im relaxed rhyme or reason.

I also have pauses...missed beats and it can make me feel very ill.

Where I can collapse.

3 cardiologist who all told me I was just fine! It was only ectopics and SVG... It was only when they captured my VT that I was admitted to Glengield heart hospital...where they finally found out what was wrong.

Keep badgering the GP....Keep asking to see a cardio.

So they can fit you with a moniter.

I had many moniters on where it didnt capture it.

But I kept fighting and eventually one moniter picked it up!

thank you for your response. Glad you kept up and figured it out! What do you do for that? The VT? And how long do those or would those episodes last? Mine usually seem to straighten themselves out in a matter of maybe 10-15 seconds, but feels like an eternity when it's happening...

I have the same thing and there is no trigger - I can be sitting relaxing and it will just happen. I get a very strong feeling in my neck/throat area. I have been having these episodes for 10 years now but was only diagnosed with SVT about 2 years ago.

I had ablation therapy in May but it didn't work & I found the whole thing extremely distressing so I would not ever have it done again nor recommend it. So I am resigned to taking a tablet every day which seems to work for me although I do still occasionally get ectopic beats and the feeling that the SVT is going to start but it usually passes due to the tablets.

The down side to taking the tablets is that I've put a lot of weight on & I try to exercise but it's like trying to swim or ride through treacle so I guess I also have to accept that I can't lose the weight either!

I hope this helps you in some way. What I like about this site is that there's always someone who can shed a new light on what can seem a very isolating and scary event, the last time I had an episode I took to reading the posts on here and it made me feel better and helped to calm me down - it's good to know that you're not alone.

Best wishes


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Thank you so much Debbie. So you feel like the tablets help some? I am curious what they are if you don't mind. I have been prescribed metoprolol er succinate that I can take as needed, but the problem is that these episodes are so unpredictable that by the time it took effect the symptoms may be gone. I have tried taking it every day also, but definitely still noticed the ectopics which I had a strong two weeks of this summer occurring sometimes every second or third beat. It is disturbing but I try to deal with it as best as I can- which sometimes goes well and sometimes it just takes me so long to get over the feeling or anticipation of it happening again... thanks agin

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