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I was doing very well with Flecainide to control my ectopics. About three weeks ago they started to get worse, until now the Flecainide ( 100 mgs twice a day ) doesn’t seem to help at all. The only change to my normal regime that I can think of is that I’ve started taking Tamsulosin for a prostate problem. Does any one know if this drug is linked to arrhythmia?

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I also take Tamsolusin, the only issue is it can lower blood pressure. I'm not aware of any increase or decrease in my AFib nor any other rythym issues.

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Johndivney in reply to spike2512

Thanks for the reply. I suspected my problem wasn't Tamsulosin related but thought it worth enquiring anyway.

Had exactly the same experience. Stop it for a bit and try again.

Thanks. As you've had the same experience, I'll try that.

I take low dose verapamil which calms ectopics a bit and then Flecainide when things get bad. Have a bit of a break from it.

Just to be sure, are you saying stop the Flecainide or Tamsulosin? I assume Flec.


OK! Thanks.

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Please contact your pharmacist or GP to ensure the medications are compatible and to check if an alternative can be offered if they are causing side effects.

Yes, I will see what they say. Thank you.

Hi John It may be worth discussing with your Cardiologist. I too have found Flecainide works well since I increased from 100mg to 200mg daily. The maximum dose is 300mg daily so it’s a possibility that an increased dose could solve your problem. Just a thought! Best wishes

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll have a chat with the cardio.

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