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SVT associated with stomach/diaphragm

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Has anyone’s experience associated possible hiatus hernia triggering an SVT episode? Each time with an SVT attack, there is bloating and wind.

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My SVT was always brought on after eating. I would get a strange feeling in the upper part of my stomach and then knew I was about to have an episode.

I had an ablation February 2020 but now starting to get SVT back and again starting with the stomach

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Hi Chris45558, thanks for your reply. Have you asked your cardiologist why the SVT has returned? Also have you had investigations with a gastroenterologist? It must be disheartening to get a return of something so unwanted.

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Something else I forgot in my reply, it helped me to drink water before the meal, eat smaller meals and drink water after the meal so that there was enough fluid for digesting meals. This possibly stopped spasm pushing up and triggering SVT. If you give this a try, I would be interested to know how you get on. Vsbb

HiMy ablation was close to my AV node so they couldn't get it all.

I've never had any investigation s into my stomach but I will push for it.

I will try those things as it can't do any harm.


My svt episodes are linked closely to my stomach. I have a hiatus hernia, acid reflux and slow gastric motility and peristalsis, that is my nerves and muscles in gastric system dont work in co ordination and only work some of the time.

This has been found through many gastric investigations after it was agreed that my arrhythmias had a large element of gastric symptoms working in tandem. Add to this the vagal nerves input and bang a perfect storm in my case.

The very worst svt episode i had started with a late meal of pork. Never again. It put me in hospital with heart rate of 280 converted chemically with iv morphine for excruciating chest pain. Also i can get svt and afib just with the physical action of eating, functional not any particular food.

Eat small meals, see which foods trigger issues for you, try not to eat late in the evening. Avoid alcohol maybe and keep well hydrated. Sadly i havent found a solution and my cardiologist and gastroenterologist can only help so far. Perhaps seeing a dietician may also help you. Best wishes.

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Hi, what investigations did you have with the gastroenterologist? Did they diagnose anything specific? Have you been diagnosed with both SVT and AFib? i.e. do you know what type of SVT you have?

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Sorry, missed you have HH. Have any surgical corrections been considered by the doc?

So many investigations. Some from a gastric symptom aspect, later to see association if any impacting with cardiac arrhythmias.

Ultrasound, CT scan MRI, IPMN benign pancreatic cyst found which is monitored every two years via MRI. barium xray, endoscopy. Gall bladder removed which exacerbated gastric issues. Colonoscopy.

Later transferred to London hospital and underwent manometry where peristalsis was diagnosed plus chronic acid reflux. Bile acid malabsorption test. Gastric emptying test. Investigations by rheumatologist in case gastric was caused be Sclederma which is wasnt. Further endoscopy which showed hiatus hernia, ulcers and gastric inflammation. Referred to London surgeon to discuss a Fundoplication op but i am not suitable dueto peristalsis. Hiatus hernia not large enough for surgery. Ongoing cardiac testing, ie EP study, echo, ct angiogram, MRI, heart monitors.

No resolution unfortunately. Under the care if Cardiology and Gastroenterology London, plus Hepatic team locally.

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You are having a hard time aren’t you, that’s very sad. I knew of someone who had multiple problems and had all their Mercury amalgam dental fillings replaced with the least toxic white ones and changed their food choices. They made amazing progress after that. You could look up mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings and see if anything is relevant to you? Just a thought.

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meadfoot in reply to Vsbb

Thank you. Happy to look into anything which may help. Good luck to you on your SVT journey. You are in good company on a journey none of us would choose to be on but here in support of each other along the way.

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Have you registered for our "Living with SVT' series? We have a number of events launching from next week November 4th, November 12th and December 13th - please follow the link for details: alternatively, do not hesitate to contact us direct. In the meantime, you may find the attached booklet helpful?

SVT Patient Information
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Hi, yes I think I registered for the first two. If I miss the live version where can I find the video replay please?

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All will be available on Demand after the event - so if you have registered you will be able to access them anytime at a time to choose you - just keep a record of your registration details. Please remember, if you have registered - you'll have access to all 3 anyway !! Please contact me direct if you need any further details.

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Thank you 😊.

Hi there, I mainly suffer from SVT in the early hours and did have it recently after having a large meal at about 9.15 pm. The SVT happened about 4 am though, so not sure if it was the meal or needing to get up to spend a penny that caused it. I have definitely had awful palpitations come on very suddenly where my stomach suddenly feels like it has a lot of liquid in it, even though I may not have drunk that much. I get a very unpleasant sensation as if the food in my stomach is flip-flopping about in the liquid, and even if I make the slightest movement I get these awful sensations. They are so frightening I have to stand absolutely still. The gastric thing is definitely connected to the palps, but have had no investigations about this. I am however seeing a cardiologist soon to investigate if I have POTS syndrome, as I tend to get the SVTs after getting up in the early hours. I also get a fair bit of bloating and wind.

hi, have you figured out what was causing your symptoms?

Hi there,

I had my appointment, but it didn't go as well as I had hoped. The man I saw hardly gave me time to talk, so didn't get to show him what I had written down about past events, in the hope he would see the common symptoms running throughout. He seemed to concentrate on my most recent 24hr ECG. This monitor did not catch anything unusual which didn't surprise me as my symptoms come on randomly. Knowing I have had ectopics for over 30 years, to then be told that once again is very frustrating. I felt like saying I know I have ectopics, that's not why I'm here, please look at these other symptoms. I tried to get a word in and explain that I have felt peculiar after getting out of the car, out of bed, or when sometimes getting up from a chair and I am concerned it could be connected to orthostatic hypotension. He just told me to have more salt in my diet, drink Lucozade if I have an episode and take magnesium tablets. I was pleased to hear him mention the magnesium, as there has been so much on this site and videos by Dr Sanjay Gupta (which you may have seen). The only test he is sending me for is an echocardiogram as I did mention I sometimes get very tired walking. Although I didn't want to have a tilt test, I thought I would get sent for this but he didn't mention it, so I'll have to see if the echo comes back clear. the whole appointment felt too rushed, and I simply didn't get time to explain my concerns in detail, so I feel like I am back to square one!! I think I will just have to be persistent and go back if I experience it again.

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