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Heart Race post ablation

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I’m 11 weeks post ablation today for AVRT.

Im 28 and my recovery has been very smooth so far. I’ve experienced ectopic beats here and there but nothing drastic. I noticed my heart has settled much more in the last 2 weeks until today.

I had a moment where my heart just started to race and it took my breath away. This lasted only a few seconds as I coughed and it stopped.

Is this normal as my main concern is that I’m coming to the end of the blanking period of 3 months and would assume things should be getting better and not worse as this was by far the worse symptom I have had since my surgery?

I should also add that my SVT runs only ever occurred at peak exercise so this worries me even more that I’ve had such an experience with no strenuous exercise.

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Hi JAXDC1 - your story seems to mirror mine very closely! Whilst my ablation was for AF, (11 weeks ago), things were fine after the procedure. But, for the last couple of weeks, have been getting lots of ectopics. They usually last around 30 mins or so before settling down. I've spoken to my arrhythmia nurse and she says that it's quite common even towards the end of the blanking period. It sometimes settles down but can also be more permanent even of the original arrhythmia doesn't come back. I guess this doesn't really help you but I suppose knowing that someone else has a very similar experience will be of some comfort. Good luck with it all and take care of yourself.

HiI had my ablation for SVT February 2020. I felt fine but more recently I've started having short (few seconds) runs if fast beats.

Im now waiting to have a 24 hour egc to check this out.

So what I'm saying is if it keeps happening get it checked out if only to put your mind at rest.

Hi JAXDC1Whats blanking period? I was ablated about 6 yesterday ago for AVRNT. I had chest pain after which was scary . In the early days my heart did feel irregular on exercise but not like the svt . Also I've had tiny episodes of svt said I might.

I hope you check with your Dr and try not to worry as I believe mind and heart work together whatever Anyone says . Keeping touch Fiona

Hi, I had my ablation for AVNRT just 2 years ago. Had a lot of episods of heart racing during first 6 months post-ablation. My doctor said it was quite normal, as my heart has been manipulated and was healing. Rest and stress free environment is what I needed. Even healthy diet helps a lot. It is better now, but I do have periods of irregular beats now and then.

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Palpman in reply to Elva444

That's not good news for me.I was told that my AV Node Reentry pathway was burned away during my ablation so this type of tachycardia cannot happen again.

Perhaps some of the destroyed pathway still exists for awhile before it changes to scar tissue.

Yes, something like that. I was also told that my reentry pathway was burned away and that I had 96% chance that I will never have an AVNRT episode again. Well, one month after ablation I was back in emergency room with an AVNRT heart race again. But, it was not that severe as before the ablation. And doctors said that it did not mean that the ablation was not successful. In the aftermath I can say that I should have had a few weeks rest after ablation before I jumped back to a high stress level work. Nevetheless, I am better now than before the ablation, though I do have episodes of strange heart jumps and feeling of skipped beats. It takes a while for a heart to heal, that is all true. But hopefully there will be no more ablation for me, as it was a dreadful experience in my case. I do know a young man that had 3 ablations within a period of few months because SVTs came back every time. But, they eventually stopped after last ablation. I am sure a lot of people get better after first time. Good luck!

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