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cranky heart

Hi I am new. I have had palpitations since I was in my 20s but just occasionally until about 12 yrs ago then they increased. I now have them daily. I was diagnosed with afib about 8 yrs ago and then two yrs later told I did not have afib instead they were PVCs. Now I am told I have afib but it does not meet the criteria for treatment, and still have PVCs I also get rapid heart rate. All this causes anxiety and fatigue. It is impossible to live a normal life.

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Hi Message,

With heart issues you do have the problem for life. It's not very nice but we have to live with it. Get the best medication you can, question your doctor about different meds some might suit you & others won't. Keep on trying until you get a happy medium. I take 20+ tablets a day it is hard but they keep me going....,.........


This sounds so familiar...[palps from 20s onwards.... misdiagnosed as asthma} but also very strange. I was told repeatedly that I had multiple pvcs, not afib. Eventually, after 5 years deterioration and three holter monitors they eventually diagnosed afib and aflutter. The latter diagnosis only made after a 7 day monitor picked them up. Actually, it was only when I queried the result that they suddenly double checked my most recent ecg and discovered the aflutter! Have you discussed the results with an EP...... ? I have never heard of anyone being told that afib can't be treated.......at the very least with beta blockers. When I told my EP that my life was completely disrupted by my arrhythmia he fast forwarded my treatment......phew!


Hi what treatment are you on?


I am on Apixaban and have beta blockers for 'emergencies' ..... only used them a couple of times this year when I thought I was getting over-anxious and having a bit if a frisky heart. Ablation seems to have completely reduced the afib/flutter. However, think I might have had a couple of mini afibs when I have pushed things too far. For instance, not a good idea to drink wine... more than one glass anyway.... when over tired or lacking sleep. Otherwise okay so far!


We need a lot of magnesium, but how much we have does not show up on a blood test. 99% of it is stored in our bodies, and only abouta 1% in the blood. Also our bodies try to ensure that we always have enough moving around in the bloodstream. So try to increase your magnesium levels through food and supplements (start slowly and build up), providing your doctor does not see any reason why you personally should not do this.

If you search on the AFAssociation HealthUnlocked site, you can find lots of information about it. There is also a breathing exercise you can search for which may help you. Try looking under the heading 'ectopics'.

Read other peoples posts, both there and here - you will find a mine of information, some of which will be directly helpful to you.

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Thank you, I found a wealth of information under ectopics and in different posts. Thanks again


Hi, I agree about the Magnesium, it could really help a lot!! It does help my Dad with his arrhythmia problems, he's a changed man (Health wise) since he starting supplementing Magnesium!





Thank you all for replying and all the information.


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