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EP is scheduling me to have an ablation in the near future. Am nervous, any suggestions or do’s or don’ts? I have to stop my anti arrhythmic medicine 5days before hand and that alone worries me.

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It's totally normal to feel nervous while waiting to have an ablation and we torture ourselves wondering whether or not to cancel the procedure. Then we find the day arrives, but that voice in our head still questions whether we've made the right decision right up to the time we are sedated, or have a general anaesthetic.

Afterwards we wonder just why we were so worried.

Be aware though that recovery is sometimes not as quick as expected and there can follow periods of tiredness which gradually decrease over a few weeks.

Wishing you well.


It is hard to relax in advance but try not to worry too much. I am 7 months post ablation, have had no SVT since then and just this week at out patient appointment have been told I don't need to return to cardiology.

Thank y’all so much! Just reading your comments make me feel so much better!!

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It is completely understandable to be anxious or concerned about any upcoming procedure. Please do not hesitate to contact our website \ For Patients \ Patient Resources for helpful information booklets & videos. You will also find it beneficial to register an interest in our 'Patients Day 2021' - you can still access our 'Virtual Patient Educational Platform' that contains many HCP presentations, including the Ablation procedures. Take Care, Tracy heartrhythmalliance.org/aa/...

I was in your position week ago, had ablation for SVT this Monday (upstate NY). So far so good, regular beats, no meds beside baby aspirin for a month. For few weeks before the procedure my anxiety was up a lot including asking “should I cancel it?”. So glad I didn’t – now I feel relieved of the constant pressure of "when it will come next". I was told to stop metoprolol 3 days before. As I was concerned as you, I cut slow 50mg to 25 couple days before that (after talking to the primary care DR/friend).

And night before procedure I did have a quick 3 min SVT, but it actually may have helped during the procedure as “smiling EP” after the procedure said that SVT showed up promptly as he entered my heart and no searching was needed. It went so smooth that all I can tell is that I woke up 1Hr 50 min after the last time I saw the clock in operating room with no recollections.

BTW – I am 60Y active male (walking 3 miles daily before the procedure), who had undiagnosed random tachycardia for 40+ years, used monitors twice (for a month and week) - showed nothing. SVT became more active last year and I finally caught myself with Kardia. Ended up going for ablation purely on Kardia results, but few Dr who saw several EKGs all agreed that it is clear SVT. Used Kardia 6L and my cardiologist correctly predicted the type (AVNRT) based on it. Good luck.

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I am so glad you are doing well after the procedure. I pray that mine goes as smoothly as yours

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I contemplated for few months before doing, talked to couple friends of my age who are both Drs. I knew that one had before, but to my surprise both had ablation for Afib and both are happy with the results which influenced my decision

Thank you all for your responses it definitely helps with my nerves. My EP also gave me his personal cell number to text him with any questions and concerns I may have. He’s amazing!

Hi, I had the ablation in January, I haven't had any episodes since then, I used to have them three or four times a week, lasting for about 2 or 3 hours. Of course I was anxious but really there was nothing to be worried about. The procedure lasted about an hour, only local anesthesia, I didn't feel anything at all, I had to rest for an hour and then was sent home. Obviously, everybody is different, but I'm very glad I had it done. I was on Flecainide up to the day before the procedure but the cardiologist told me to stop taking it after 2 months, which of course I did. Now I'm only taking Bisoprolol 5mg once a day. I'm feeling really fine. I hope this somehow helps displace your anxiety. All the best.

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Thank you so much for your response. It really does help with the anxiety. I have episodes daily. Some lasting on and off all day long which make me very exhausted. I feel all of them. I have been on anti arrhythmic medicine for over 2 years and they start out working then my episodes start to work through them . I am nervous, but I am ready for some kind of relief. I am glad that it was successful for you.

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I hope it's successful for you too. You might like to do some Yoga to help you relax. 😀

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