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Covid vaccine


Hi everyone , just wondering if any of you that suffers badly with ectopic beats has had the vaccine yet ! And just wondering did you get any side effects !

Thank you


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Hi I’ve just noticed I replied to my post 4 days ago so thought I’d comment here, I’m 33 I’ve not had the vaccine yet for that very reason I’m also scared incase the side effects I’m terrible like that, I’ve just had a nap and woke up with eptopic beats all hot and flushed and heartburn Just sick off this now feeling like this, some days I will have none other days their are their

Hope your feeling well and doing fine

Are u thinking off having the vaccine?

Deary63 in reply to Hypo20061

Thank you Hypo20061 for your message , sorry to hear your not any better...are you on any medication? Iam not anything at moment , tired beta blockers year ago felt worse, only thing that helped was Flecanine , but I’ve rather not , so I’ve got it for stand by if Iam really having a bad week!

Iam just keeping my fingers crossed that people like us have the vaccine and don’t get worse episodes of ectopic beats 🙏🏻

My boys really think I should have jab, but Iam so worried about it, which doesn’t help me anxiety 😬🙄 hopefully I won’t get offered it to me till around March/April when it’s done the rounds a bit 😃.

..did you look at The Calm app... The Cyclist suggested it to me and my daughter also...I has help me to sleep it’s great ...

Well take are of your self

Keep in touch


Hi.....just to let you know ,I’m 74,I’ve got Brugada Syndrome, which is an arrhythmia syndrome and my heart goes into peculiar beats etc ,I have a defibrillator fitted ,and have suffered from ectopic for years. I was very concerned about having the vaccine ,but also about contracting Covid . We are between a rock and a hard place. I had the vaccine last week with no heart related side effects ,but did get a very sore ,very itchy arm . Get it done ! The virus is deadly.

Lizty in reply to Midnight21

Yep. Had my vaccine on Thursday. No problems. Bit of a sore arm and a feeling of tiredness as I let the anxiety go!

Deary63 in reply to Lizty

Hi linty Glad to hear it...I just sent you another message on your post 4 years ago 😄 about the rude doctor just wonder if it might of been the one I had at Barts ..

All the best


Hello, good to know that you had no problems after the vaccination.I'm 60 and also have Brugada and ectopies at times. I have wondered whether the Covid vaccine might have any effect on ectopies. I will definitely have the vaccine when it comes my way.

I’m also worried about the same

I have PVCs and because of this I am not getting the vaccine.

Lizty in reply to Niki_

Please see above. I have had an ablation, but still have lots of pvcs. Had vaccine... short flutter later in the day... all of 10 secs. I think Covid anxiety more likely to be causing my pvcs than anything else....

Gill68 in reply to Niki_

Hi, is that on medial advice?

Niki_ in reply to Gill68

It’s based off of common sense and reading the adverse affects reported so far that people have reported.. and weighing that against the risk /fatality rates of actually just catching it etc. for me the risk/benefit just doesn’t makes sense.

Hi , i had a heart ablation 3 years ago but still suffer with tachycardia and ectopic beats, as a key worker I have received the vaccine and had absolutely no issues at all . All the best.

Deary63 in reply to Kerry40

Hi Kerry

Oh that good news especially for you, you take care of yourself

And thank you for your message .

All the best


Hi Sue, I only just read your post from 16 days ago. Just to say that I have also suffered with ectopics since I was in my thirties. I am 60 now. I did have the Covid vaccine about 10 days ago. I got it early as I work for the NHS, and I did want to have it. The vaccine was given in the morning, and by the evening I did feel very shivery with increased ectopic beats. I took a couple of paracetamols and went to bed. The following morning I felt much better and was back to normal really, other than having a bruised arm. These sort of side effects are expected and don’t last long. I do get increased ectopic beats when I have a fever or am fighting off something. In this case I did expect it and wasn’t worried. I have generally resigned myself to living with ectopics. They can be worse on some days and better on others. I have yet to find out what triggers them, but have been checked out a number of times and reassured that they are benign. Hope this is useful. 🙂

Deary63 in reply to Harmony123

Hi Great to hear your story and thank you for your reassurance,

My husband has his on Thursday morning at the doctors , his 70 and has Alzehmiers, receptionist said I’ll be called in couple of weeks , at the moment Iam having problems with my BP keeps going up and down ,plus today Iam feeling awful with giddiness when walk about , so Iam really fed up at the moment !! But iam pleased hear you have had your vaccine and it only affected you a little, I can put up with that 😃.

Take you


Hi, I had the cardiac ablation procedure at the beginning of January because I have suffered from atrial fib for quite a few years. I had the Covid vaccine at the end of January. NO side effects at all and have had no bad episodes of AF since the procedure, now I'm only having a few flutterings from time to time.

Hi Deary, I had the vaccine about a month after having the cardiac ablation. I haven't had any side effects at all.

Deary63 in reply to Martgai

Hi Martgai

That’s good to hear, Iam having the Pfizer vaccine on Tuesday , just keeping my fingers crossed I don’t get my ectopic beats play me up 😩

All best


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