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Hard heart beats but low to normal heart rate ?


For the past few days I have not only been experiencing PVCs but other strange symptoms like a hard beat that leaves you a very weird sensation in the chest coupled with constant belching and a vibrating feeling. Its like having a knot in the chest that at times seems to travels all the way up to the throat. I can also hear and feel my stomach rumbling most of the day. Cardiologist insists my condition is benign. I had an echocardiogram that showed my heart structure was completely normal. Stress test went well but according to the electrophysiologist it was not conclusive also had two holter tests and lastly had a cardiac CT scan to rule out coronary heart disease which it did as nothing was found but despite all this positive results I still feel worried and anxious. Had an appointment post the CT scan with the specialist but he wants to see me in 3 months not now and I am not sure if that is good or worse. Given I have heart and digestive symptoms at the same time I am beginning to think that my PVCs could be caused by an irritant vagal nerve. Anyone here experiencing what I have shared above ?

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Yes had them all. For me the answer is my back. Few people here have considered this most likely and heart doctors definitely do not. Once I get my back sorted, these all go away. Anyone who is on devices a lot, doing desk work or other work where you are crouched over can permanently negatively affect back vertebrae which compromises brain and heart signal interchange. Chiropractors may help but they too may not know the connection. Worth exploring though.

I have been paying attention to this for about six years and am kind of an expert on this connection for myself. I don't take any heart drugs so it is easier to notice this since my heart is not regulated by drugs. Sometimes it can be worrisome but knowing it can be changed gives me some hope. What is interesting is each time I progress with back changes, my heart behaves differently. And this new norm will stay until I change my back some more. It would be nice to know a medical expert who has some knowledge about this.

When heart doctors don't see a heart issue, the say it is benign. But you and I know it is far from that.

KopEnd in reply to EngMac

Sorry dont quite get the last part of your comment. I mean many of this issues that are affecting many of us here in this forum surely must be benign. There are people here who have had ectopic beats and all sorts of associated symptoms for ages and yet they are still here. Like I mentioned in my initial post none of the tests done on me reveal any heart issues at all and I am talking a Cardiac CT scan, two Holter tests, an Echocardiogram, a stress test, multiple ECGs and blood tests. In fact the cardiologist insists that if he does prescribe any meds it would be to help me deal with my symptoms not for any concerning health issue. That does not mean the constant worry and anxiety these PVCs produce whenever I get them is doing me any good.

Yes, I have these symptoms and am aware of others on the af forum who do too. I don’t have af, just annoying ectopics and tachycardia but there is definitely some connection to the burping and stomach rumbling -what I don’t know. I have managed to reduce my symptoms so that they hardly bother me with daily Magnesium Taurate, drinking enough water, no alcohol or caffeine, no Chinese take always and little sugar or processed food. Sorry I can’t throw more light on it for you but I’d be very interested if your research leads you to any answers. Best of luck. 🙂

Polski in reply to IndiraK

Try adding a good probiotic (from a health food shop for example) into the mix. It is now recognised that digestive health, or lack of it, affects everything else, so sort out your digestion and the other symptoms should gradually improve.

EngMac in reply to Polski

As we age stomach acid decreases. Doctors often prescribe anti-acids which is the opposite to what is needed. I take apple cider vinegar capsules twice a day. This helps stomach issues. Or you can take liquid apple cider vinegar. Look up Dr. Sarah Myhill and Gerd.

Garden of Life multivitamins have probiotics. Labdor.com rates supplements.

I have Svt, mitral valve prolapse. I take Bisoprolol 1.25. I get ectopic beats and a very strong heartbeat which I can feel through to my back. Sometimes I have a pressure feeling from my chest to my throat but my heartbeat and blood pressure is normal. I have not had an attack of Svt for a year. This definitely takes over our life and on a bad day one thinks of death. I had a heart monitor for a few days and was told my heart was ok, mitral valve prolapse within normal limits and ectopic beats which weren’t of any concern. If they lived with these feelings everyday they would know that this definitely doesn,t feel normal and drags you down. I must admit anxiety, upset and worry doesn,t help this condition at all.

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