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One year since ablation


Hi, It is 12 months now since my ablation for SVT (AVNRT) and all is good (touch wood). Thanks to Dr Chris Skene and April Hopkins at Wythenshawe Hospital.

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Hurray, excellent news. Enjoy.

That's a good recommendation. You're so lucky that it was a success. Long may you be in normal rhythm.


Great news! I hope it's the same for me. It's 5 weeks since my ablation and all is good so far- the longest I've gone without symptoms in 2 years

Thanks for the replies. I would definitely recommend Dr Chris Skene at Wythenshawe hospital. Plus I should add, a thank you not only to Dr Skene and April Hopkins but to all the rest of their team at Wythenshawe.

It is three and a half years for me. All done at Portsmouth QA by Dr. Kirubakaran

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