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Any tricks to lower HR?


I received some exciting news yesterday however it has made my IST a lot worse 😂🙄 talk about bitter sweet! I guess it’s all the adrenaline and partly because I have a cold. Does anyone have any tricks to lower HR which work? My HR was almost 180 having a shower this morning! I felt fine just palpitations it has come down a lot but just goes up when I move. Thanks 😊

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Yogic breathing, sadly can’t paste a photo of my instructions.

Sitting in an upright chair, both feet in the ground. Tense the calves, release, continue till you recognise tension in all your limbs. Close eyes, you need to breathe from the diaphragm by expanding the belly and slow careful breaths through the nose, slow careful out breaths through the mouth.

Careful practicing can lower HR & BP done on a regular basis.

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Thank you! Il give it a try X

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Also as you breath out, let your mind and thoughts float away on a cloud

Mouth closed and very gentle deep breathing in and out through the nose, with no force or holding of breath works for me. Breathe deep into the stomach and let it rise (not the chest). Your rate of 180 was rather high though, that would make me feel ill.

To bring down blood pressure, have your mouth shut and breathe in deeply through your nose, then let it whoosh out of your open mouth quickly. This usually works quite quickly for me, so don't do it too many times and take it too low. Try about 7 and then measure BP again.


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Thank you! It’s weird my body is almost used to my heart rate being so high when I was first diagnosed it really affected me but now it doesn’t affect me so much, I can feel it racing and my chest goes tight whereas before I would almost faint. Il give it a go X

Plunge your face into a sink or bucket of cold water, this is a technique they use in hospital. It's supposed to make you gasp and interrupt the rhythm. Alternatively run your wrists under cold tap water. Also I have heard sitting on the toilet and straining slightly as if going for a poo can also have a similar effect. I think they are all to do with the vegus nerve. Another one is laying down in bed but on your tummy can help.

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Often nut dunking but splashing cold water on my face helps and also helps with the flushing also.

yoga is good, but when it's racing, you want it down quickly, like NOW right? take a deep breath and hold it.. for like 20 seconds or more.. usually it starts to work!

I take a small dose (mg) of Propranolol each day. Half a tem mg tab. It's a beta blocker and helps me control hr spikes and anxiety physical symptoms. It works well but need to adapt to the action as it come into and leaves your system. Feel weird for a few moments. Then fine.

I have IST as well and once my adrenaline is going I can only wait it out. The only preventive measure that works for me is metoprolol 12.5mg morning and early afternoon.

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It’s such a frustrating condition isn’t it! I take 2.5 bisoprolol and 5mg Ivabradine which usually keeps the lid on things often too much and HR drops to high 30s! How long have you been on metoprolol? I have a feeling il be having a switch up with my meds soon.

I have found that motherwort tincture works really well! It calms me right down and heart rate goes down in 15 minutes. Also, check out the modified Valsalva maneuver on YouTube. That combined with deep breathing and legs up on a wall.

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