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I’ve just come home from another cardiologist appointment today and put on another medication called Ivabradine. I’ve heard a lot of bad and good things about it. I’m nervous about starting it because when I was on beta blockers it affected my asthma and my heart rate and blood pressure were all over the place. So they put me on Channel blockers and didn’t work for me. I’m on this medication for Sinus tachycardia arrhythmia and POTS. Has anyone been on this medication before?

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Hi Amyc35,

I was started on Ivabradine back in April of this year at 5mg once a day for inappropriate sinus tachycardia and associated syncope. I'm also on Midodrine and Florinef, but was previously tried on several other medications over the past 3years. The only side effect I experienced while starting the Ivabradine was flashes of light (mainly at dusk and dawn) for the first couple weeks, but then it stopped. I still have syncopal episodes and elevated heart rates so my dose was upped to 7.5mg in September...no additional side effects and I have a little bit more warning prior to my heart rate kicking up and passing out.

Hope this helps!

Hi I have been on beta blockers all year ,at first they seemed to affect my asthma but it got better , I was then taken off the medication for a couple of weeks while in hospital and put on a lower dose , I am finding myself a bit more breathless now bit unsure if it is the beta blockers or not , how long was u on beta blockers for , if u don’t mind me asking, I hope this new medication works for u ❤️👍xx

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