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Your heart is probably stronger than you think.

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The heart is one of the strongest muscles in the body. Even when removed from the body it continues to beat for quite a while. It has back-up systems: even if the sinus node fails secondary circuits take over.

Of course we should do everything we can to keep our heart healthy. If we have a major problem we should work closely with our GP and cardiologist. Other than that we should have confidence and reassurance in the fact that the heart is not a delicate instrument, it's as tough as old boots.

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100%. It’s amazing really isn’t it :)

Not according to Google. Not even in the top 10.

largest muscle is Quadriceps femoris

Muscle Volume: 1,420 cm3

Location: Lower thigh

Common Functions: Knee extension and hip flexion

Nearby Bone: Femur

Heart is probably the hardest working though as it never stops moving in a living person.

😀 Wiki has the size of the human heart at "An adult heart has a mass of 250–350 grams "

Thank you for your correction, it was something I was told by a doctor. I have changed the text accordingly to read 'one of the strongest' which is supported by several online sources.

"As tough as old boots" my husbands heart obviously hadn't read that page as it killed him !

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Jeff1943 in reply to bantam12

The heart is the only muscle we use non stop 24/7 from birth to death. So it has to be tough to achieve that. Sorry about your husband.

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